July 16, 2001

To: Ryoko Toyama
  Director, New Brunswick Libraries
From: Myoung C. Wilson
  Chair, New Brunswick Libraries Information Services Group

Subject: Annual Report

The following are highlights of the activities of the New Brunswick Libraries (NBL) Information Services Steering Group (ISSG) carried out on behalf of the NBL Information Services Group during the academic year 2000-2001.

  1. Organizational Structure and the Membership of the New Brunswick Libraries Information Services Steering Group

    In the June election of 2001, the New Brunswick Librarians re-elected Myoung C. Wilson as Chair for another two-year term, 2001-2003. Myoung C. Wilson was also appointed by the Director of the New Brunswick Libraries as the NBL representative to the University Libraries' Public Services Council.

    The NBL PC Working Group was created during the Spring semester 2001 in order to provide a forum for coordination of local issues such as reallocation of PCs, acquisition of replacement PCs, establishing procedural guidelines and facilitating communication and information dissemination between local PC coordinators, Systems, PCWG, and groups within the NBL. The Group will be under the able leadership of Stephanie Bartz who will represent this Group to the Information Services Steering Group.

    During this reporting period, the following librarians served as members of the Information Services Steering Group. Due to resignations and sabbatical leaves, reference team leadership has been assumed by a number of colleagues.

    Chair - M. Wilson
    Vice Chairs - J. Cassel and P. Page
    Reference Team Leaders --
         E. Gilbert, Alexander
         P. Page, Branch Libraries
         M. Kesselmnan (from October, 2000 through February 2001) and K. Denda (March , 2001 to present), Douglass
         J. Cassel, Kilmer
         P. Piermatt, LSM
    Common Knowledge Database Team Liaison*- R. Jantz
    Reference [Collection] Subgroup Liaison* - E. Gilbert
    RUL Instructional Services Group Liaison* - J. Cassel
         Associate Members (Library Reference Associates.) - K. McGuire, U. Swamy, Tony Joachim, Nita Mukerjee, Roger Smith
    (*Subgroups of ISSG)

    Beginning July 1, 2001, Kevin Mulcahy will become acting Reference Team leadership for Alexander Library due to Ellen Gilbert's resignation.

  2. The members of the ISSG followed up on the following issues from the previous year:

  3. The Information Services Steering Group held monthly meetings (except March, 2001) and achieved the following:

  4. Instructional Services:
  5. Personnel
  6. Goals and Objectives

cc: Members of the NBLISSG