New Brunswick Libraries
Information Services Steering Group

Annual Report (July 2003-June 2004)

The following are the highlights of the Information Services Steering Group (ISSG). During this reporting period members of ISSG addressed a number of important issues on behalf of the NBL Information Services Group. The members of the ISSG during this period are as follows:

Stephanie Bartz, PC Coordination Team Leader
Ronald Jantz, CKDB Liaison
Penny Page, Branch Libraries and Vice Chair
Jeris Cassel, Kilmer Area Library Reference Team Leader and Vice Chair, NBL Library Instruction Liaison
Ferris Olin, Dougalss Library Reference Team Leader
Kevin Mulcahy, Alexander Library Reference Team Leader and Generalist Team Liaison
Patricia Piermatti, Library of Science and Medicine Reference Team Leader
Myoung Wilson, Chair, New Brunswick Libraries Information Services Group

In June 2004 election, Jeris Cassel was elected as Reference Collection Team Leader and will be representing NBL on the RUL Generalist Team. In June 2004 Kayo Denda was appointed as Acting Reference Team Leader of Douglass Library for 2004-2005.

  1. Information/Reference /Research Services*

  2. Instructional Services**

  3. Personnel

  4. Goals and Objectives

    The members of ISSG made considerable efforts and progress toward many of the goals and objectives stated below from last year. We will continue to work toward achieving these goals through specific projects by creating targeted opportunities.

Cc: Members of ISSG