New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
September 18, 1998

Present:   B. Beede, I. Caparros, N. Chou,  E. Fabiano (Convener), M. Fetzer, E. Gilbert, 
                   R. Jantz,  M. Kesselman,  L. Langschied, J. Mardikian, J. Mi, F. Olin, N. Putnam, 
                   H. Rusak, J. Sloan, A. Tallau, Roger Tarman, F. Tehrani (Recorder), L. Vasquez


1. Minutes of August 21 were  approved

2. NB Director's Report - Toyama/Puniello

Toyama - Clarified procedures regarding the use of a vacant staff/faculty line: conversion 
from faculty to staff lines is possible but not the reverse; vacant faculty lines cannot be filled 
by staff without the recruitment process; salary savings are available once the person in a 
position has "officially" left and the savings are converted to voucher money.

Puniello - Reminded everyone about the University Open House, April 1999, for
potential RU students and their families and asked for anyone interested to let her know 
by next week; more advanced notice being given this year; SCC and Douglass have already 
expressed interest in participating.  Reported that the Annex weeding project has begun 
and solicited any suggestions/ideas regarding collections that exist there, i.e.,  Fabiano 
suggested that the "old" textbooks collection might be given to CRL which has a strong 
historical collection of textbooks.

3. FASIP business –Fabiano
a.  Statement of criteria.
Criteria endorsed for the last FASIP in 1998 were reviewed.  Kesselman moved to accept 
the same criteria for the current FASIP; seconded byTallau.

b.  Peer Evaluation Committeem (PEC)
After some discussion Langschied moved that the PEC for the current FASIP be composed 
of five (5) members; seconded by Caparros.  Nominations of tenured faculty for the five 
positions will be solicited from all New Brunswick libraries faculty immediately; elections 
of the five will follow via paper ballot with a deadline of October 1.
FASIP procedures, especially since they are new due to reorganization, will be included in 
the New Brunswick Faculty Handbook for the future.

4. NB Open Faculty Lines
a. Advisory Board for open faculty lines - Tallau/Fabiano
Discussion on the proposal to create an "Advisory Board on Filling Vacant NB Faculty 
Positions" included reviewing the relationship of the Board with the RUL Planning Committee 
as well as other issues.  Slight modifications were made in the proposal before it was approved. 
The Board will consist of the New Brunswick Convener ( who will convene) and the Heads 
of each of the four working groups: Instruction, Technology, Information Services and 
Collections.  The Board is to begin functioning immediately.

b. APP Information Technology Librarian for the Sciences
The APP content was revisited ; changes recommended in three areas.  A science background 
and collection development experience in computer sciences will be required as will  be the MLS.

5.  Gifts Policy Statement approval  - Rusak
The policy statement was approved as the "New Brunswick Gifts Policy" with some 
changes/deletions.  The Policy, with recommended changes, will be forwarded to NB 
faculty and SACCDM.
6. Organizational Assessment - Fabiano
The convener is suggesting that we keep this as a standard agenda item, throughout this year, 
as reorganization continues to unfold.  It suggests that our structure is not written in stone but 
a flexible, fluid process subject to change as needed.
7. Announcements:
a.  Tallau – Lists of ProQuest journals have been mounted on LSM’s "T" drive as

b.  Olin – Invited everyone to the panel discussion by four noted women’s history
scholars and activists on NJ women’s suffrage, to  be held at 7:00 pm on September 23, 
in the mezannine of the Douglass Library. There is no admission charge.

c.  Mary Fetzer reminded tenured faculty about the meeting for a tenure/promotion 
action on Friday, September 25.

NOTE:  Recorders are selected from the descending order of the alphabetized list of NB faculty. 
Wu, Tehrani have served; Wilson, Walsh, Vazquez, Tate, Tarman, Tallau (I'll stop there) are next in order.