New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
July 21, 2000


Consoli, Vazquez, Gardner, Womack, Gilbert, Mardikian, Toyama, Fabiano,
Wilson, Kesselman, Cassel, Tehrani, Tate, Jantz, Dess, Langschied,
Mulcahy, Fetzer, Beede, Sloan

The minutes of the June 16th minutes were approved without change.

Faculty Conference:   Cassel and Kesselman discussed the Faculty
Conference to be held sometime in January.  The date January 19th has
been tentatively proposed by Fetzer.
The theme of this conference will be "Putting the User at the Center".
Pre-registration will be required and an outside facilitator will be
hired to make sure that things run smoothly.  Cassel suggested we call
it an advance instead of a retreat.  17 out of 19 present
enthusiastically supported the proposal and said that they would
attend.  In August a
user-centered issue analysis questionnaire will be sent to everyone to
fill out and the results will be collated by the chairs and used as the
foci for the conference. Issues discussed will be themes such as; what
barriers do users face? what services might we now do without? et
cetera.  Ideas from the forms will be sent to teams of three who will
prepare them for conference presentation. In November and December white
papers may be prepared and distributed and conferees may use these as
motivations for
discussion in January.

FY 2000/2001 Goals:  Toyama distributed salient goals extracted from
annual reports and the faculty accepted them with one addition.  The
sixth goal should read "Strengthening of information services,
instruction program and coordination."

New Brunswick Libraries Mission Statement:  Addie Tallau's statement
concerning outside users of the library was shared and generated
enthusiastic commentary, but it was decided that the mission statement
was not the proper place for it. After a brief discussion, the faculty
unanimously voted to accept the RUL Mission statement as the New
Brunswick Mission Statement.

New Brunswick Technical Coordinator JD:  Jane Sloan moved to table
discussion on the position description for New Brunswick Technical

Announcements:  Emily Fabiano was welcomed back (with applause).  Howard
Dess was welcomed back (with applause).

There will be no August meeting of the NB faculty.

Joe Consoli invited everyone to attend Monday's presentation by the
candidate for the Art Library position to be held at 1:45 in the SCC
lecture hall.

MC Wilson urged the need to keep off desk statistics and is preparing a
simple form for fellows to follow.

Fetzer invited anyone who had not already been contacted regarding the
orientation schedule for new faculty to see her if they felt it
necessary to be involved

Tehrani discussed weeding projects and withdrawals from the annex,
the faculty for help in concluding this enterprise.

Mardikian and Dess are completing the missing book policy.  The
Department of History has agreed to fund replacements for texts missing
in series from information that we have provided and that we bring back
those volumes sitting in the Annex that are used.  This has been done
under the direction of Tehrani and is functioning well and a splendid
example of  faculty/librarian cooperation both administratively and

Ron Jantz gave a wonderful demonstration of the Camden database which
should be up on the RUL Web Page in about a month.

Submitted 7/20/00 jp consoli; minor revisions 7/24/00 MF.  Approved