March 16, 2001
Alexander Library, Pane Room, 1:00pm

Present: S. Bartz, J. Consoli, K. Denda, H. Dess, M. Fetzer (Chair), R. Gardner, E. Gilbert, T. Glynn, B. Hancock, R. Jantz, L. Langschied, J. Mardikian, L. Murtha, F. Olin, H. Perez-Gilbe, F. Puniello, J. Sloan, T. Tate, F. Tehrani, R. Toyama, L. Vazquéz, M. Wieszczek, R. Womack.

Approval of minutes: The minutes of the February 16, 2001, meeting were approved.


The Chair introduced the new Life Sciences Librarian, Hector Perez-Gilbe.

The Chair would like to meet with Myoung Wilson, Howard Dess, and possibly some others to discuss staggering terms of office.

Directors' Reports:

Puniello-The first meeting of the D21 programming committee is coming up. This committee will be discussing Reference and Access Services relocation at Douglass Library.

Toyama-Ryoko passed out an outline of the NBL Human Resources configuration as a review of the different groups of people employed. She pointed out that Administrative, Professional, Supervisory and Confidential Employees (A/P/S) are involved this week and next in the time-consuming, labor-intensive, detailed work of the Pay-For-Performance program (P4P), and need the understanding of the faculty. The Chair suggested that faculty promote an understanding of their accomplishments on work-at-home days to staff that may be tied to their desks.
There are four positions currently being recruited, and with this many candidates to meet. Another group of positions will be announced later.

Travel Report-Consoli

Applications for travel funds are considered purchases, and receipts must be sent in on time (within 14 days of completion of travel) for payment. The fund looks like a book fund complete with encumbrances, and as it is a state fund it doesn't carry over. If you decide not to attend a conference after submitting an application, let the Travel Committee know so that the funds can be unencumbered. ALA in June is always on the next year's budget. A portion of the $13,000 in this fund goes to staff travel. These rules were decided upon by NBLF two years ago, but may be brought up for new discussion.

Transitions in Media and SCC

Sloan- Although it was a dynamic group, the MDLS has been disbanded. Linda
Langschied will now manage the SCC and Multimedia (Music/Douglass and Media/Kilmer) will be managed by Jane. Gary Gigliotti has proposed publicly that the TEC take over the management of the NB Smart Classrooms. RUL is willing to give up this operation, and has indicated that four lines will go with it, but not the space in Kilmer Library that Gigliotti has demanded. It is not clear yet exactly what staff lines are in question. Giving library space to a non-library operation is of great concern, though Vice President Seneca and Marianne Gaunt have already acceded to the gist of Gigliotti's
proposal. Feedback from attending faculty suggested that Kilmer must remain dedicated to library operations, but some also recognized that "real estate" in NB is hard to come by, and the door has been left open by our willingness to hand over the operation and some staff. Nonetheless, the point of transferring the operation is to allow it to grow, and there is little extra space at Kilmer. If the proposal proceeds as currently outlined, Classroom Support under Gigliotti/TEC will not be supported by RUL, SIRSI, etc. A major change in our services to faculty will result: Media will no longer be delivering and picking up collection titles; instead they will be picked up at the nearest library location. Also, faculty will have to request their titles and equipment from two different places.

Langschied-Linda Langschied is the new head of the SCC and is familiarizing herself with the duties and responsibilities of its staff. She reiterated the intensive labor and detail required by P4P. She intends to develop the services provided by the SCC and extend its arms into the branch libraries. A huge new scanner has been added to support the SCC's digital library projects, and three new offices are being built to accommodate the increase in numbers of SCC staff. A key goal this year will be to develop a marketing strategy to increase the use of the facility. While Langschied is on sabbatical, Toyama will be supervising the SCC.

Global Outreach Efforts-Tate

Thelma Tate presented an informational slide show on Global Outreach Efforts. The presentation highlighted its various functions: worldwide partnerships, orientation and welcome of new international students and scholars, collaboration between different Rutgers departments, and recruitment of students and faculty. Recent projects included library development in Kenya, a seminar with Nordic Scholars, and a pilot project with Ghana. The Chair suggested that Tate email RUL selectors with a list of the kinds of materials that would be useful donations for these projects.

Faculty Advance

Marty Kesselman and Jeris Cassel received a round of applause in absentia for their hard work on the January Faculty Advance. It was decided that the report supplied by facilitator Sarah Watstein effectively summed up the experience, and did not need to be discussed further. However, if Kesselman and Cassel wish to present concluding remarks, they can do so at a later NBLF meeting.

Technical Services Council issues-Langschied

There were no issues for discussion.

Collection Development Council issues-Dess

Selectors need to spend out state funds by the end of March.

Old Business


New Business

Applause in thanks to Ryoko for supplying lunch.


The meeting ended at 2:35 p.m.