New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2001
9:30 a.m. Pane Room, Alexander Library

Present: E. Gilbert, S. Bartz, B. Hancock, M. Fetzer (Chair), P. Page, S. Harrington, H. Dess, M. Wieszczek, E. Stec, F. Puniello, H. Pérez-Gilbe, H. Hoffman, K. Denda, R. Womack, J. Cassel, R. Gardner, E. Carey, E. Calhoun, L Vázquez

Approval of minutes
The minutes of the April 20, 2001 meeting were approved.

The Chair informed us about three agenda items for the July 20 meeting:
1. A new Information Literacy Document to be presented for discussion,
2. Oxford Seminar trip,
3. Demonstration on census data on SCC site
Please send her recommendations for future agenda items; she will send out dates
of fall faculty meetings via email later.

Director's report


The email sent by Ryoko Toyama on Monday May 14, 2001 (attached) will be considered the Director's report.

The annex is closed to the public now; construction begins July 2d

D21 is moving along.

New Brunswick Libraries Reference Manual

The New Brunswick Libraries Reference Manual Draft (5/1) compiled by the Information Services Steering Group was discussed. The Steering Group was commended for the task of compiling such a needed document. The document was presented by P. Page, one of the vice-chairs of the Information Services Steering Group. The document was discussed and amendments and recommendations under topics of goals, training and orientation for new as well as seasoned librarians, circulation of reference materials, referrals, reciprocal agreements, legal and medical questions, centralized telephone information service, dealing with problems situations, student employees, were made. The Reference Manual will go back to committee to incorporate recommendations, be returned to NBLF, and then put up on the NBL website.

Because of discussion on "dealing with problem situations," the group agreed that F. Puniello will ask Jeanne Boyle do a session on issues related to the display of offensive material on public terminals since there should be a uniform policy among all Rutgers libraries. Another consensus was to organize some training-orientation on reciprocal agreements as well as on local resources of which newer librarians may not be aware.

P. Page clarified that for the purpose of election for chair of the Information Services Group all librarians are eligible to nominate and/or elect the chair.

Issues from the Councils

Dess: At the CDC meeting of May 16, 2001, Academic Universe was approved. Of $200,000, only $57,000 is available. The CDC authorized B. Sewell to select and acquire only big ticket items (generally over $5000). The process will be concluded probably this week.

Old Business

Fetzer: A reminder that ballots for deputy chair/chair-elect for the period 2001/02-2002/03 are due back to A. Minch on Friday 25, 2001.

New Business



The meeting ended at 10:55a.m.

Secretary per diem, Lourdes Vázquez


Ryoko Toyama <toyama@RCI.RUTGERS.EDU>

To NBL faculty and Administrative Srvices Team:

I would like to update on the following. If you have any questions,
pls. feel free to contact me at any time. /ryoko


Exploratory/Search Committee for Performing Arts Librarian positions was
formed. The members are:
Joe Consoli
Kayo Denda
Vincent Pelote, NWK
Francoise Puniello, Chair
Jane Sloan
George Stauffer, Dean of Mason Gross School of Arts

Search Committee for Science Digital Initiatives Librarian position was
formed. The members are:
Ellen Calhoun, Chair
Scott Hines
Connie Wu

Search Committee for Humanities Digital Initiatives Librarian position
was formed. The members are:
Stephanie Bartz
Joe Consoli, Chair
Brian Hancock
Ron Jantz
I would like to note Linda Langschied's contribution in the development
of APP for the position. She will not serve on the Search Committee due
to her sabbatical leave, July-December, 2001.

Please keep administrative services team member in your building
informed of your vacation plan, professional leave (e.g., NJLA, ALA,
IFLA, other off campus functions) or sick days in order to ensure smooth
communication between users and the libraries and among RUL/NBL
librarians and staff. Primary contact persons for NBL are as follows.

Kilmer Library … Bernice
Media … Linda
LSM/Chang … Marilyn
Douglass/Music … Inta
Alex/SCC/Art/EAL … Kelly
If you need to verify your remaining vacation days for the year, feel
free to consult with your primary contact person.

Jane Sloan and her staff have been working closely with TEC on the
transition of smart classroom operation and subsequent adjustment of
internal organizational structure. Relieved from SCC management, Jane
will concentrate on the collection development of Multi-media and Cinema
Studies and NBL TV channels. Working closely with Cinema Studies
collections and reference sources, Jane's office in SCC will be moved to
the Alex Administrative suite.
Other media operations (excluding smart classroom operation) and new
service of running 2 TV channels will remain in the Kilmer Library
building until RUNet2000 will complete its connection to the entire
Douglass campus. At present, mini-head end operation can be activated
from the Kilmer building.

I will be on vacation, May 17-31, back to work on Fri., June 1. During
this period, Francoise will assume all my responsibilities and Mary
Fetzer will stand by as Francoise back-up.