Friday, February 15, 2002
Pane Room, Alexander Library

Attendees: Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Kayo Denda, Howard Dess, Mary
Fetzer,Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Brian Hancock, Ron Jantz, Martin Kesselman,
Triveni Kuchi, Linda Langschied, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Jill
Nathanson, Jim Niessen, Penny Page, Patricia Piermatti, Jane Sloan, Eileen
Stec, Adeline Tallau, Stephanie Tama-Bartels, Thelma A. Tate, Ryoko Toyama,
Lourdes Vazquez, Karen Wenk, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu

The meeting was convened at 9:40. The agenda and the minutes of the
December 21, 2001 meeting were approved as per the amended paper document
distributed at the meeting.

Mary Fetzer announced that the next meeting would be on March 15th.
Three new librarians were introduced, Jill Nathanson and Karen Wenk from
LSM and Mary Fraser from the SMLR Library.

Ryoko Toyama reported that 1) Mary Fetzer is the winner of the 2002
Marta Lange/Congressional Quarterly Award. The ALA Association of College
and Research Libraries Law and Political Science Section nominated her for
the award, and 2). Sara Harrington is the recipient of the 2002 H. W. Wilson Research
award from ARLIS/NA for a proposed article on the valorization of female domestic
labor in World War II posters. She was also the recipient of an RLG travel award
this year.

The Senate made a recommendation that has in turn been passed on to
the departments by the Coordinating Committee. It is up to each
department to decide how much information about individual FASIP awards
should be made available. This is information from the Peer Evaluation
Committee and Unit Director and could include the number of steps,
recommendations, and the basis for the award. There are both pros and cons
of such an action. It would make the awards process more open and provide guidance
about what kinds of activities are considered for such an award. It could also lead to
bad feelings, create problems and turn one faculty member against another. The
committee really struggles to be fair and the deliberations would not be known along
with the decision. Some people found the concept of merit pay troubling. The New
Brunswick Library Faculty decided not to make award information available. The vote
was 24 against and 4 abstentions.

Ryoko led the discussion of budget issues and priorities. She
explained that the libraries must put together a plan to cover the budget
deficit for the libraries. She handed out a fact sheet. State book funds
have been frozen. The only place for NBL to look at is its lines. New
Brunswick currently has:

3 faculty lines which are frozen
3 faculty lines which are filled with temporary librarians
3 staff lines in access services which are frozen
1 staff member in collection management who is on leave
1 staff line of the administration team which is frozen
1 staff member of the administration team who is on partial leave

A general discussion ensued about ways to deal with the situation, which
will be with us next year as well. There was general agreement that the
collections budget needs to be protected since it is currently inadequate.
Inflation will reduce the buying power and that is enough. In general,
goodies are parceled out on the 10% for Camden, 20% for Newark and 70%
for New Brunswick, and this formula should be followed for the "badies"
as well.

A number of possibilities for generating funds were suggested, such as a
Library Cafe or selling items needed by users such as pens. The
possibility of taking on ten months contracts or a 2 year leave without
pay were mentioned. Whereever possible, services should be streamlined,
and consolidation of service points considered. Reductions in hours
were mentioned as ways of demonstrating the precarious nature of the
libraries budget. It was also suggested that there be a moratorium on
new services or projects and that outsourcing for economic reasons be
definitely explored. Since our operating budget is only 10% of the NBL
budget and has to cover a multitude of items, this is not the place to save.

Since 65% of our budget is in lines, this is the obvious place for
budget savings. It was finally agreed that the three frozen faculty lines
(music, collections services and social sciences) would remain frozen and
that money would be used to provide the NBL contribution. We will have 3
people on leave in the fall and 2 in the spring semester. We will get some
money to compensate for the absences, but we will be minus these frozen
lines as well. Everyone will have to close ranks for the frozen lines as
well as the leaves.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 and Marty Kesselman gave a
demonstration of My Library Portal.

Respectfully submitted
Adeline Tallau secretary pro tem

Aproved as amended 4/19/02