New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
Pane Room, Alexander Library
Friday, June 21, 2002

Attending: Fetzer, (Chair), Denda, Hancock, Tama-Bartels, Perez-Gilbe, Wu, Tehrani, Toyama, Tallau, Murtha, Stec, Kesselman,Gardner, Mardikian, Page, Niessen, Mulcahy, Fetzer, Womack, Wilson, Glynn, Puniello (recorder)

I. The minutes of 4/19/02 were approved with minor corrections.

II. Announcements. M. Fetzer

The Trio report is not available electronically. M. Fetzer will give a copy to anyone who wants a paper copy.

There was reflection on our colleagues who have passed away in the last few years and a moment of silence for Sylvia Walsh.

MF reflected on the past three years as chair, thanking Addie Tallau for her excellent service as parliamentarian and Ryoko Toyama for her prodding. If MF could see improvement in would be in two areas: more discussions on technical services aspects and more discussion by junior faculty.

MF was thanked for her service with acclamation and applause. Ryoko Toyama said that she could not have accomplished her role as New Brunswick Libraries Director without her.

III. Director's Report

RT handed out a sheet with sabbatical leaves and proposals for staffing for the next fiscal year. We have 11 staff and 5 faculty vacancies. All are frozen, so staff and librarians will be working in different places and we will have many temporary positions.

RIAS, the online purchasing program, is being implemented.

FP will chair search for part-time and permanent Music/Performing Arts librarian positions. MCW will chair that for the Social Science librarian position.

RT reminded everyone to keep emergency contact information up-to-date and accessible.

IV. Associate Director's Report

D21 is in design development phase. Myoung Chung Wilson, Farideh Tehrani and Francoise Puniello form the User Group working with the architects. The D21 Implementation Coordination Committee is working on organizing the planning and phasing of the moves and services to prepare for construction.

The Annex is again delayed. 4,000+ shelves must be replaced as the existing ones sag.

FP is chairing an Art Library Space Committee to review the space needs of the Art Library.

V. Bylaws Change

The change to have the chair of the NBL faculty automatically become NBLF member on Coordinating Committee passed unanimously.

VI. Adding Materials to the Annex: F. Tehrani

FT reminded everyone that we have the 1999 Operational Overview and Procedures Manual for the Annex which clearly lists the criteria for sending material to the Annex. These have been agreed upon by everyone and must be followed. It was suggested that the librarians use slips which Access Services will be happy to give to selectors. If item is not in IRIS a short record will be created. It was suggested that FT attend the Collections group meeting on July 12.

FT asked that everyone please attend the Access Services Department open house on June 26.

VII. New Business

We will continue to meet the third Friday of the month. They are as follows.

August 16 January 1
September 20 February 21
October 18 March 21
November 15 April 18
December 20

August is only a place holder in case there is an urgent matter, otherwise we will not meet. It was proposed and passed that we not meet in July and August. The Bylaws must be officially changed at our next meeting.

Discussion followed on the future of electronic reference with references to My Library, Metalib, Webfeet, and other topics at ALA. MK suggested that we all read the June 2002 ARL newsletter on the Scholars Portal. MF was thanked for sending the CHE article on the future of reference. MCW will send another excellent article by Anne Lipow. Please read both carefully.

CW suggested a round of applause for Addie Tallau as this is her last meeting. It was so done.

F. Puniello