New Brunswick Libraries Faculty
Alexander Library Pane Room
May 16, 2003 - 9:30 a.m.

Present: E. Calhoun, J. Cassel, H. Dess, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, T. Glynn, B. Hancock, K. Hartman, H. Hoffman, R. Jantz, M. Kesselman, T.Kuchi, P. Libutti (Recorder), M. Lo, J. Mardikian, K. Mulcahy (Chair), L. Mullen , J. Niessen, F. Olin, P. Page, F. Puniello, J. Sloan, E. Stec, T. Tate, F. Tehrani, R. Toyama, L. Vazquez, K. Wenk, M. Wilson, and C. Wu.

The New Brunswick Library Faculty meeting was opened at about 9:40 am by K. Mulcahy, Chair.

  1. Minutes of the March meeting, previously distributed, were approved. Minutes of the April 11, 2003 meeting, previously distributed, were approved with the noted modification by Mardikian to "spell 'Stephanie' correctly."
  2. New faculty member Karen Hartman, Social Sciences/Social Work Librarian, was welcomed.
  3. Director's Reports:

    Puniello: Francoise will be handling the budget and personnel matters as Acting Director. Francoise will have offices in Alexander and LSM.

    Tehrani: Farideh will be handling the facility and technical services areas as the Acting Associate Director.

    Toyama: Ryoko opened her address to the faculty with the remark:

      " I'd like to thank you for putting up with me." Then she requested that if something needed to be finished, it should be sent to her via e-mail. Her second point was the importance of this meeting. She expressed her view that "You have a lot to say; your input is valuable". Toyama commented on the unusual budget situation being faced by the RUL. The number of lines included for New Brunswick is 64.55, which includes two 10-month contracts. She noted that clerical staffs are unionized, APS was not unionized, and vacancies were advertised weekly on the RUL Web.

    Sloan requested clarification of the APS posting, and was told " it was in the pipeline."

    Dess asked if temporary lines were at risk due to the budget scenario, and Toyama responded with "Yes". Measures being examined include early retirement and payback. packages. A non-tenured line can become tenure track; NBLF needs to look at the positions. A possibility is one FTE at Librarian V or Librarian IV with restrictions.

    Puniello: reported that " we would be working on this together."

  4. Nominations and Elections:

    Mulcahy noted that the deadline for NBL Chair was the next Friday.
  5. Searches:

    The Music Librarian search is continuing.

  6. Travel Plans:

    Members were urged to review travel plans for next year and get the forms in as soon as possible.

  7. Director's Search:

    Gardner and Mulcahy sent a report to Gaunt. A professional search firm will be used in conjunction with librarians. The assembled faculty discussed qualifications. Fetzer believed that this area should be open to people to make suggestions. The job description history was reviewed among members present. Originally, there was an Alexander Director job description. Tehrani noted the need for the description to reflect current conditions. Kesselman suggested that the current job description be reviewed. Mulcahy concluded this discussion with the recommendation that Gaunt and Troy would be asked about the current job description for NB Director.

  8. Tama-Bartel visited the NBLF meeting with her child Macey; there was a meeting break. at that point.

  9. A Resolution of Appreciation for Toyama's Years of Service was read to the members by Mulcahy. The resolution passed the NBLF unanimously. Libutti volunteered to calligraphy the resolution, time permitting. A backup plan was for Minch and others to use computer software for the work. The framed Resolution would be presented to Toyama on May 30, at her Retirement Tea.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:40 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia O'Brien Libutti,