New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
May 20, 2005
Pane Room, Alexander Library

Present: K. Mulcahy (chair), K. Denda, F. Puniello, P. Libutti, L. Langschied, R. Gardner, K. Hartman, P. Page, R. Womack, L. Chester, J. Cassel, C. Wu, L. Mullen, S. Harrington, H. Dess, M. Wilson (recorder), T. Glynn, Y. Zhang, L. Vazquez, J. Mardikian, F. Olin, M. Lo, M. Kesselman


  1. The meeting was called to order at 9:40 am and the agenda was approved.

  2. Minutes of the January 21, 2005 and April 15, 2005 meetings were approved.

  3. Director's Report - F. Puniello

  4. Update from Exploratory Committee on Open Faculty Lines—J. Cassel

    The Committee has been reviewing all available position descriptions including the Asian Studies line. The Committee will attempt to present complete line availability and reviews of those lines in one package. It was noted that recruitment is a nation-wide problem.

  5. Discussion of Travel Policy – M. Kesselman & J. Mardikian

    The draft document on New Brunswick Libraries Travel Fund Guidelines and Procedures was approved contingent upon the incorporation of revisions suggested. These are:

    Due to limited funding, the Travel Fund Committee urged librarians to notify the Committee as soon as they know of their plans for conference attendances and presentations. The Committee will also meet with Nancy Hendrickson to clarify some of the recent revisions of university travel policy. Those librarians who are interested in this subject are urged to attend; the date/time will be announced.

  6. Proposal to institute co-chairs for New Brunswick Information Services Group (and perhaps other NBLF entities) –K. Mulcahy

    After discussions on the pros and cons of a co-chair system, librarians approved provisional co-chairship of NBL ISG as a pilot for FY 2005-2006; Co-chairs and Acting Director will report to NBLF after a six-month period regarding the efficiency and workability of such a shared responsibility. The two librarians currently on the ballot - Jeris Cassel and Marty Kesselman will co-chair the NBL Information Services Group.
  7. Planning for next year's NBLF meeting - J. Mardikian

    After some discussion librarians voted to hold the NBLF meetings every other month during the coming academic year; J. Mardikian, the incoming chair, will confirm the dates by email. For consistency, these meetings will be held at the Pane Room, Alexander Library unless notified otherwise.

  8. Announcements:

Respectfully submitted,

Myoung C. Wilson
Secretary pro tem.