New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the September 12, 2008 Meeting

Tom Glynn, Judy Gardner, Laura Mullen, Tao Yang, Donna Schulman, Connie Wu, MeiLing Lo, Tom Izbicki, Stephanie Bartz, Karen Hartman, Ryan Womack, Kayo Denda, Rebecca Gardner, Jim Niessen, Jeris Cassel, Mary Fetzer, Triveni Kuchi, Jane Sloan, Myoung C. Wilson, Kevin Mulcahy, Marty Kesselman, Ellen Calhoun

1) Agenda adopted

2) February minutes :approval tabled pending notification of more recent minutes

3) Triveni Kuchi announced as Vice Chair/Chair Elect.

4) V.Dent requested feedback on her AUL report, previously submitted to the NBL list, especially as regards open lines and the budget. Reminded the group that models for budget cuts were shared previously in April with NBL, Planning Committee and Cabinet. Currently using two lines as temporary Librarian V positions, an administrative decision necessitated by a critical need to support the Douglass library. One Librarian V will start 9/18; another will be recruited. The Instructional Technology position is a system wide position also a critical need and in recruitment. The Planning Committee will be discussing open lines at its 9/24 meeting.

Concerns raised regarding Librarian v appointments, future needs and planning, system wide coverage, and the role of the Exploratory Committee will be future NBL agenda items.

5) Jane distributed an integration plan for the Douglass/Music libraries for discussion. Music staff (now one person report to Access Services as of Sept. Other staff person is now in Media Lab. Note: the lab can shoot, edit, and stream multimedia. Ultimate goal is integrated services, so Media Library is in early discussion stage re: moving to Douglass from Kilmer. Valeda distributed an outline of the key responsibilities for the Music/Performing Arts Librarian. She will appoint a search committee to include one Music Dept. faculty member. NBL recommends a working group including Tom I., Kayo, and Judy discusses integration.

6) T. Glynn reported for ISG on security issues, especially at ALEX and Douglass. Three main concerns: homeless people using PCs at length; rowdy use of PCs by junior high and high school kids; and viewing of pornography, were alleviated somewhat by password protection. Time management software on public PCs will be a pilot project for one year. Guest Ids will be issued for computer use, with 100 licenses covering New Brunswick, Newark and Camden campuses. On the agenda for the next meeting - who has access? And how to handle special use cases.

Jeris reported on the status of the instruction program. She is hiring adjuncts to help cover 40 sections for the Transition Seminar, and 40 sections each with 2 presentations for the 201 Writing Seminars. There are also 54 sections of FIGS First Year Interest Group, which are taught by undergraduates. Jeris is their contact, but encourages them to do their own library component. The Sci-Tech Writing 302/303 is not coordinated centrally by the library at this point, and includes 20-25 sections each semester, most on the Douglass and College Ave. campuses.

7) Website recommendations agenda item was tabled.

8) There is no travel budget yet, but NBL funds are spent. $800 for tenured and $1100 for non-tenured faculty. Valeda contributed extra dollars from central funds to cover ALA preregistration.

9) J.Gardner reported that they are recruiting for 3 Access Services lines, an associate at Chang, an assistant in ILL, and the Assistant Head of Access Services.

10) MeiLing distributed the official handout for the toolbar, and the one page unofficial handout. Both are available from the Sakai site for the RUL Instruction Repository.

Meeting adjourned 11:50 a.m.

Secretary per Diem: E.Calhoun
Submitted 9/18/08

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