New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the October 10, 2008 Meeting

Bartz, Dent Goodman, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, Glynn, Harrington, Hartman, Kesselman, Kuchi, Lo, Mardikian, Mulcahy, Mullen, Niessen, Sloan (chair), Womack (recorder)

1. Agenda was adopted at 9:35 am

2. September minutes were approved.

3. Report of the chair.

4. Goals discussion - NBLF has an overall mission, in support of RUL's goals, to plan and oversee library issues on this campus, including faculty lines and services. Planning for services in the light of cuts would be a particular priority for this year, and is being addressed by NBCG and NBISG. The role of the Exploratory Committee in advising on lines was questioned. An overall plan for open lines is needed. Ryan and Triveni will work with Jane on a discussion document on the staffing plan.

5. The Music Library group has been working on the issues involved in collection relocation, and will deliver an update next time.

6. Access services - Judy discussed the six staff lines being recruited, but this discussion was superseded by the AUL report. The ILLiad server is still experiencing problems, which are being worked on. It has been a very busy beginning of the semester at desks.

7. Valeda had distributed the AUL report via e-mail, but there was an urgent update from the morning's cabinet meeting. Furmanski called an emergency meeting to announce that due to the projection of very dismal fiscal year, units in the University will have to plan for cuts starting in January, which may become permanent in the next fiscal year. The Libraries have been asked to plan for a 5% cut. As a consequence, all currently open positions have been put on hold again. In combination with the cuts of the summer, this represents an 8% loss in funding. The Libraries will have to be more strategic in planning for all contingencies, barriers between different units must be broken down, and all areas will be on the table for potential cuts and strategic changes.

This announcement engendered a great deal of discussion. Next week's NBCG meeting will be converted into a special meeting on the topic, as well as the discussion at the State of the Libraries. The group requested documentation on past planning, budgets, and usage data to guide deliberation. This information will be provided, but it will not come in time for the immediate need of identifying the 5% cut. The Libraries must preserve core services, but there will be a great deal of sacrifice.

8. Administrative support - a report describing planned changes in the administrative support structure was distributed.

9. NBL Web site - Documents from the various NB groups are being migrated from the NBL pages to the RUL pages. Suggestions for organizing these links on the RUL pages were made, including placing a link for "Library Faculty Bodies" up at the top level of the Library Faculty pages.

10. Travel - Thanks to funding from Valeda, ALA preregistrations were completed. Otherwise, the travel funds for the year are committed.

11. Data Services - Ryan announced that the Data Services workstations in the Alexander reference room are now available. These workstations are for patrons who need to use the data and statistical software available on those machines. Casual web browsers should be asked to relocate to the nearby Electronic Resources Room. Machines have NetID authentication, but we can login members of the public who have data needs.

12. The NB Information Services Group portion of the meeting then began.

13. Announcements - Erleen Harris was hired as Librarian V at Douglass to work through May. PC Reservation software has been selected for Alexander Library. The install will occur within the next couple of weeks, depending on funding. A draft policy concerning PC reservation will be circulated. Special collections is still looking into the terms of the Laurie gift concerning the Music Library. The nursing tutorial is ready and will be posted soon.

14. A discussion of goals for NB Information Services was led by Tom Glynn. After discussion which included mention of many overlapping goals with the User Services Council-- such as making the libraries a more secure and conducive atmosphere to study and research, developing information literacy best practices, collecting more assessment data, and developing a philosophy of instruction--the group decided on the following two goals:

  1. Explore strategies for effectively meeting the need for undergraduate instruction.
  2. Explore the provision of reference services in virtual formats.

15. Announcements - Libraries will be involved in Darwin Day celebrations (Darwin's 200th birthday on Feb. 12; Nov.22 , 150th anniversary of Origin of Species) with an exhibit and associated event in the works.

16. Meeting adjourned at 11:25

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