New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the February 13, 2009 Meeting

S. Bartz, J. Cassel, K. Denda, M. Fetzer, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, T. Glynn, V. Dent Goodman, S. Harrington, K. Hartman, Q. Hu, T. Isbicki, M. Kesselman, N. Kranich, T. Kuchi, M. Lo, J. Mardikian, K. Mulcahy (recorder), L. Mullen, J. Niessen, D. Schulman, J. Sloan (Chair), R. Womack, C. Wu, T. Yang.

1. Introductions

Valeda introduced and welcomed Nancy Kranich, who will be splitting her time between teaching at SCILS and working as a projects librarian in the New Brunswick Libraries.

2. Adenda

The Agenda was approved, with the addition of an item on the Fordham Lab.

4. AUL Report: Valeda Dent Goodman

(detailed report circulated via e-mail)

RUL is continuing with a staggered release of faculty and staff frozen lines. Two NBL faculty positions (Area Studies and Business) are currently under way, and there is a good chance that the Music/Performing Arts position will be released after the next cabinet meeting.

Valeda has had a good meeting Dean Susan Lawrence of SAS on incorporating information literacy into the core curriculum. She and Dean LAwrence will continue to work together and with the directors of undergraduate programs.

The Web Ethnography project is under way: a schedule is being developed, and the team will work with the Marketing Committee on online surveys.

Academic Excellence Fund Program proposals are being invited. It is suggested that interested librarians look at proposals (including some from the libraries) funded in the past--Valeda will distribute a list of the library proposals. It was noted that some funding for staffing the Fordham Lab derives from AEP. It might be possible to craft an instruction program, and the Media Center might offer a proposal for lending audio/video recording equipment to students.

The Area Studies Librarian Search Committee has sent a recommendation to Marianne.

5. Discussion of Unit Computing Specialists--T. Glynn

In response to reports that Unit Computing Specialists might begin to report to Systems, the Information Services Steering Group (ISSG) drafted a memo to Valeda (distributed at the meeting) expressing concerns about this possibility and urging that the current reporting structure be retained. A brief discussion followed. M. Kesselman provided historical background on the development of these positions after the New Brunswick Libraries reorganization, growing out of a recognition of the need for on-site technical support. In addition to fixing problems and troubleshooting, the Unit Computing Specialists provide support for projects, offer on-site training, and contribute significantly to improved public services. The recent implementation of PC Reservations was cited as an example of the need for both technical expertise and public service experience. T. Kuchi noted that when reporting lines change, so, inevitably, do goals and priorities. M. Kesselman suggested that we explore a reporting structure that might emphasize New Brunswick-wide activity rather than unit activity alone.

Valeda noted that there is as yet no concrete proposal for any change, but merely an ongoing discussion about organizational structure and cooperation on a broad scale, citing the need for economies of scale and other efficiencies in a time of budgetary constraint and a a diminishing number of lines. Should any proposal emerge from these discussions, the NB faculty will of course be consulted. The faculty affirmed its commitment to cooperation and good communications.

6. Name Change at SCILS--K. Mulcahy

Since there had been a motion at a previous RUL meeting, this discussion was abbreviated. N. Kranich noted that the School, despite the name change, is emphasizing the library education component as an ongoing and growing commitment. The name has historically been something of a problem for the School, given the number of departments that were not represented in the current name, and integration of all of the programs has been a long-term but elusive goal. Nancy suggested that the change can in fact make the library component a part of the larger discourse and community, and cited the success of the library program at schools with similar names.

7. Instructional Initiatives--T. Glynn and J. Cassel

The New Brunswick Information Services Group (ISG) has as one of its goals for 2008-2009 exploring strategies for effectively meeting the need for undergraduate instruction, and T. Glynn asked J. Cassel to report on a number of current initiatives, including several projects in which the libraries have been included in campus-wide initiatives.

J. Sloan suggested that the importance and the complexity of these issues warrant ISG meetings as opposed to trying to fit the discussions into the NBLF meeting.

8. NBCG Update--K. Mulcahy

Please send Kevin additional agenda items for the February 20 NBCG meeting. Selectors are urged to continue spending non-state funds since the end of the fiscal year is now looming. R. Womack noted that only a brief time remains to review business titles slated for transfer to Kilmer from Alexander as part of the pilot Business Transfer project.

9. Access Services Update--J. Gardner

Judy noted two personnel changes--Nita Mukerjee to Chang and Paul Young to Kilmer. Access services staff will be working to fill Paul and Nita's former responsibilities as they assume their new positions. A critically needed ILS position has been posted and is under recruitment. Access Services is working with Distributed Technical Services and selectors on weeding projects at Alexander and Douglass. There have been recent connectivity problems with PALCI/E-ZBorrow--please report problems to Chris Sterback so that he can document problems to PALCI management. A revision of the Annex Manual is nearly complete, and open house tours of the Annex will be offered in the spring.

10. The Sharon A. Fordham Multimedia Lab--J. Sloan

Jane reported that the lab is now open to members of the RU community "to create multimedia projects and materials in support of the academic programs at Rutgers University," Monday through Friday, 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM. Jane is there most afternoons, and is getting some student help which should lead to additional hours. Librarians are encouraged to announce the lab hours to faculty and students. On related Media issues, Jane notes that Marianne has approved funding for initial architectural design work on the Media move to Douglass. And improvements in the Media booking system are anticipated this spring.

11. Announcements

Triveni noted that the first Business Librarian candidate interview is scheduled for Monday, February 16. A complete schedule and resume will be posted later today.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 AM

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