New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the August 14, 2009 Meeting

Bartz, Calhoun, Consoli, Fetzer, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, Gasparotto, Glynn, Harrington, Hoffman, Hu, Izbicki (recorder), Kuchi (chair), Mardikian, Mullen, Schulman, Springs, Stec, Wu, Yang.
M. Gaunt, Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian.

1. Agenda was adopted as distributed.

2. Future Leadership Issues (Gaunt)

The meeting focused on the post of AUL for Research and Instructional Services. M. Gaunt said that the post will be filled, and an interim head of RIS will be named. She described the evolution of the post and the challenges of coordinating services in the current environment. The possibility of having a second person assist with the work of the position was discussed and received wide support. The assignment of a second person cannot lead to splitting the services of librarians into two separate units. Planning for future services must be focused in one unit. The opinions of the faculty present about the position and the type of person needed to fill it will be summarized in a separate document.

3. Report of the AUL for RIS - none received.

4. NBISG Report and Discussion (Glynn)

Goals for NBISG were discussed. Particular attention was paid to the public services goal. Reference services that might be added dropped or better managed received particular attention. The final statement of goals was:

  1. Explore strategies for effectively meeting the need for undergraduate instruction in New Brunswick.
  2. Explore ways of expanding and managing the formats in which we offer reference services.

5. Chair's Report (Kuchi)

The future of the NBLF structure and bylaws task force is under consideration. Chair will touch base with the concerned members for discussion at a future meeting. The task force dealing with the NBLF web pages will meet on September 3. Reminder about lines, the part time line for a Science Librarian needs to be continued after June 30, 2010 since the Environmental Sciences line was given up for it.

6. Announcements and Information Sharing

7. The meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Tom Izbicki

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