New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the November 13, 2009 Meeting

Kayo Denda, Connie Wu, Jim Niessen, Jeris Cassel, Ryan Womack, Tom Glynn, Tao Yang, Kevin Mulcahy, Stephanie Bartz, Donna Schulman, Triveni Kuchi (chair), Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Izbicki, Mei Ling Lo, Rebecca Gardner, Gene Springs, Karen Hartman, Martin Kesselman, Myoung Wilson, Mary Fetzer, Jane Sloan, Qian Hu (recorder)

1. Adoption of agenda-the agenda was approved.

2. Interim AUL/RIS - Report, update & Discussion

In the Interim AUL/RIS report, Mary Fetzer shared with us many of the activities in which she engages. She broke these down into broad and sometimes overlapping categories and then provided specific examples under each. She indicated she was doing this just for today's meeting in order to better inform the faculty as they consider a revised position description for AUL/RIS. She expressed the current value of having the Interim Deputy AUL on board, particularly in regard to staff matters, as well as the utility of having her on Cabinet as a second pair of ears, even though Judy is on Cabinet in the role of Deputy Faculty Coordinator. The broad and somewhat arbitrary areas that Mary outlined included

  1. Access and administrative matters;
  2. External and media relations (with extended or 24/7 hours often the topic);
  3. Personnel issues, which divide into faculty and staff;
  4. Collection consolidations, which are important at least at this point in time;
  5. Negotiations with deans and other administrative officials on a variety of issues;
  6. Setting up of or attendance at a wide variety of meetings, e.g. Futures Group, Cabinet, ALEX and LSM librarian meetings, CSC, USC, and NBISG; and
  7. Budget matters.

During her report, Mary alerted NBLF members to several things:

  1. that if anyone from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security should appear asking questions regarding library faculty on H1B visas, to refer them to Human Resources;
  2. that she has met with Harry Glazer on a re-issuance of the tri-fold brochure A Guide for Faculty and after some initial editing, decided that the content needs substantial upgrading to include things such as plagiarism, copyright, RUCore, Sharon Fordham Lab, citation managers, the faculty authors reception, etc. Kevin Mulcahy has agreed to make a first revision for content; she will then vet it through USC and LRC.
  3. the recommendations of the Search Committee for Music Librarian was received promptly and forwarded to Marianne immediately with Mary's own recommendation, and an offer went out that same day to a candidate.
  4. coverage for two librarians, Kevin and Joe, going on sabbatical for spring semester has been arranged. Kevin will retain his collection development responsibilities during the spring, and for Joe's, he will retain Italian and comparative literature, and Sara will cover art history, landscape architecture, and the appropriate part relating to Mason Gross.
  5. Bob Sewell has designated a Working Group to look at the feasibility of consolidating science branch library collections. Members of the task force include, Qian Hu, Mei Ling Lo, Gracemary Smulewitz, Andy Martinez, Bob, and Mary. Mary arranged a meeting with Patty Gaspari-Bridges of the Lewis Science Library at Princeton to discuss their experiences in communicating potential consolidations with their faculty.
  6. Mary met with Marianne and the Dean of International Affairs and they have agreed to have Jim Niessen serve for the year beginning in January as Director of the Hungarian Institute. In return, the Libraries will receive a contribution toward our collections and a small research fund.
  7. Regarding budget, the target reduction for RIS for FY2011 is $69,578. Mary presented Marianne with several alternatives to achieve this reduction. In the meantime, RIS is being allowed to fill two staff lines that have become vacant, and staff upgrade requests are moving forward with their respective CARFs.

Mary also indicated that several notions floated in Cabinet pertaining to the AUL/RIS position included the extension of terms to 3-5 years for some our the Library Faculty's elected positions to ensure greater investment and continuity, and the idea of having what is called in some institutions "area coordinators" or "administrative teams." Expansion of the current team leaders concept currently in use within the Library Resources Council might be looked at as the beginning of a model for this. She also observed that some institutions use the term Academic Services rather than RIS. She has not had time to give any of this much thought but tossed these considerations out for the group. Cabinet will continue to discuss the AUL/RIS position.

3. Chair's Report

  1. Triveni proposed a Planning and Review Committee to look at certain issues in NBL. Other suggestions from NBLF members include forming a group to look at user-centered issues instead of NBLF issues. The discussion will continue. Group forming will be postponed to the first spring meeting.
  2. The Exploratory Committee has been decommissioned.
  3. NBLF Structure Review Group hasn't met. Triveni will consult the group member and bring it back to discussion in next meeting.
  4. The Webpage Group has created a new NBLF webpage.
  5. It's agreed that NBLF Sakai listserv membership will only consist of current NBLF member. Former NBLF member will be removed from the listserv. All NBLF members should use for communication, not
  6. Electronic annual report will be archived on Sakai. There will be no more hard copies for the reference desks.
  7. RU President's Office of Institutional Diversity recommends best practices for faculty search committees.
  8. The central administrative office participated in Rutgers Against Hunger and has adopted a family. NBL members are encouraged to help the adopted family. LSM librarians have also adopted a family.

4. Reference Services Review

Organizational Review Committee has charged three groups to look at grants, material delivery, and reference services. Kayo is serving on the reference services review group. The group will have their first meeting on the following Tuesday. Kayo may approach NBLF members for information.

5. Marketing Plan

Tom Glynn will serve on a small task force chaired by Harry Glazer to come up with a draft of the next marketing plan. There is also a Marketing/PR Group, chaired by Harry. NBL members feel a disconnect between the marketing group and library faculty. Tom will draft an email to Harry to express NBL faculty concerns. Mary also suggested the content of some brochures should be written by librarians.

6. NBCG Report

Librarians from Cornell University and Columbia University will visit Rutgers in Feburary.

NBCG December meeting will focus on liaison issues.

November NBCG meeting will be in Pane Room, Alex at 1:30pm. The meeting will focus on Coutts approval plans.

7. NBISG Report

NBISG has assigned a group to look at instruction services at New Brunswick. Members of the group are: Marty Kesselman, Trivini Kuchi, Melissa Gasparotto, and Tom Glynn.

8. Announcements/Reminders and Information Sharing

Jim Niessen: The University Librarian from Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany visits RUL today.

Kayo Denda: Thanks to Mary Fetzer. RU is now affiliated with the United Nations as a Department of Public Information Non-Governmental Organization (DPI/NGO).

Kevin Mulcahy: Tenured faculties please stay for a short meeting.

9. Adjournment

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