New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the September 10, 2010 Meeting

Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner (Chair), Melissa Gasparotto (recorder), Sara Harrington, Quian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Martin Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Jackie Mardikian, Laura Mullen, Kevin Mulcahy, Michelle Oswell, Jane Sloan, Gene Springs, Gideon Thompson, Myoung Wilson, Ryan Womack, Tao Yang

1. Adoption of the agenda.

Agenda item 9 (NBISG update) was removed, as Tom Glynn is away at a conference.

2. Welcome and Introductions

3. Approval of May 14, 2010 minutes

4. Interim AUL/RIS Report

Mary formally welcomed Gideon Thompson, our new Diversity Intern, and reminded NBLF about the process of his 3 year rotation. He will begin this semester in Access Services, moving on to Collection Development in the Spring and Technical Services in the summer. Next Fall he will be working in Public Services, Spring TBA, and Central Administration in the Summer. His 3rd year residency is also TBA.

Mary also announced that the RIS Annual Report has been distributed.

Budget News

The $339,000 giveback looks like it has been restored. Mary and Judy Gardner are looking at staffing needs and thinking about how the money can be allocated in the best manner.

The Libraries have been working on several grant applications along with the University, and two other US universities, to help restore the University of Liberia. One of these grant applications is to the Elsevier Foundation and the application effort is being led by Marty Kesselman. The focus will be on developing centers of agricultural excellence.

Mary will be meeting with Marianne Gaunt on 9/10 to discuss University-wide Information Literacy efforts, particularly for undergraduates. They have previously discussed the Information Literacy Task Force report. It is understood that a University-wide information literacy program will have to happen at a higher level, as it requires substantial buy-in from teaching faculty. Mary reported on NBLF instruction statistics from the previous year: Librarians taught over 600 classes (not sessions) last year, reaching over 13,000 students.

Asked about the coming year's budget outlook, Mary said that it was unclear at this point. However, there will be no large salary savings to come, as all of the open positions from which salary savings were realized in the past have been given back to the University.

5. Approval of the Bylaws

Changes to the bylaws proposed at the last meeting were approved unanimously.

6. Travel Report and Allocations

Jackie reported that travel allocations this year are more than double last year's allocations: $12,400. Several options for dividing this money among tenured and untenured faculty were proposed, however it was voted (17 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention and 1 recusal) that $1200 would be allocated to each untenured librarian, and the remainder would be divided among the tenured faculty, with each tenured faculty member expected to be able to use approximately $300.

Jackie noted that the 60 day time limit on reimbursements may be waived due to the delay in fund allocation. She also noted that there are two new travel reimbursement forms on the Budget Office website (Go to Staff Resources, then Budget Office on the website) and asked everyone who has already submitted a form for this year to resubmit their application for reimbursement on the new Unit/Library Travel Form.

Mary Fetzer reminded everyone that the AULs have a discretionary travel budget from system-wide funds. This budget does not have a dollar amount assigned to it, and use of the moneys must be approved by Marianne. However, it may be used where the attendance/participation of a faculty member in a conference is deemed of particular importance to RUL.

7. Goals Discussion

After a lengthy discussion on the place of NBLF in the goals outlined in the soon-to-expire 5 year Strategic Plan, it was decided that the NBLF goals will be, broadly:
Visioning in preparation for the next Strategic Plan
Supporting NBCG and NBISG
Strengthening liaison relationships

Jeanne will be invited to the October meeting to discuss the data she has available from the Customer Satisfaction and other surveys. She maintains a Sakai site with survey data, and anyone interested in having access should send her an email requesting to be added to the site.

8. NBCG Update

Ryan will be pulling together strategic goals and will make those available to the group shortly. There is no NBCG meeting in September. Ryan also mentioned that the fund allocation process seems to be going faster than last year, and that some funds are already being allocated. Tom Izbicki mentioned that he had just finished the central fund allocations. The phonathon funds are way down from last year, most endowed funds have performed better, although a couple are smaller than last year. We will also know what exactly the serials inflation will be by the end of the calendar year.

9. Announcements/Information Sharing

Next NBLF meeting will be a combined October/November meeting on October 22.

Michelle Oswell announced that music CDs and DVDs will now circulate for a maximum of 3 days (no renewals) to undergraduates. They had previously only circulated to faculty and grad students. Checkouts must be done from the Douglass location.

Quian mentioned that there will be a demonstration of a chemistry database at LSM on September 15, 10am.

Marty mentioned the Elsevier Foundation grant with the University of Liberia that Mary Fetzer mentioned in her report.

Ryan will send out an email containing information about R workshops this semester, and asks that selector's send it out to interested departments.

10. Adjournment

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