New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the December 10, 2010 Meeting

Bartz, Cassel, Denda, Fetzer, JGardner, R.Gardner (Chair), Gasparatto, Glynn, Harrington, Hartman, Hoffman (recorder), Hu, Kesselman, Kuchi, Mardikian, Mulcahy, Mullen, Niessen, Oswell, Springs, Stec, Thompson, Wilson, Womack, Wu, Yang.

1. Adoption of the agenda

2. Approval of the Minutes of Meeting of October 22, 2010

M.Fetzer requested correction of draft of minutes. T. Glynn will modify, R.Gardner will post corrected minutes.

3. Interim AUL Report - M.Fetzer

Have selected candidate for Alexander Administrative Assistant - name will soon be announced. Person should begin at the library on Dec. 20. Thanks to S.Bartz, C.Hauser, J.Teichmann, for efforts in weeding through numerous applications.

M.Fetzer attended Academic Coordinating Council Meeting - a new Commencement schedule for the University has been posted. University Commencement will be on Sunday May 15 from 10 to 11:30 am, at RU Stadium with Toni Morrison as the guest speaker. Would like to see Faculty well-represented. Other commencement sites and times will be posted.

University will implement a web-based program for what they call "sniffles" absences (student absences for non-major illness, etc.) - will demo. next spring. J.Gardner will attend meeting to plan for implementation.

M. Fetzer will send out a memo regarding librarians reporting of accumulated and current year's vacation time to the Administrative Assistants as a follow-up to M.Gaunt's earlier memo. She noted the Administrative Assistants have had to learn a lot of new systems and procedures, e.g. Zimbra, RIAS, etc.

M.Fetzer, S.Harrington, J.Boyle meeting with G.Gigliotti to set up rubrics for assessing information literacy. This group is working with representatives from William Paterson and Middlesex County Colleges on this project.

M.Fetzer announced that members of the Travel Committee (R.Gardner, J.Mardikian, M.Kesselman) have suggested that the committee be disbanded as its functions are superseded by RUL procedures. There was considerable discussion on the pros and cons of keeping such a committee; particularly noted was importance of having direct participation by the library faculty members in influencing how available travel money was distributed. It was also suggested that there be an RUL-wide faculty travel committee. It was noted that Travel Committee is not in either NBL by-laws or RUL's. It was decided to maintain the Travel Committee this year - but that they not be required to sign off on all of the forms since this is duplicative effort - M.Fetzer or J.Gardner must sign off on Travel Funds distribution. Current members of the Committee will discuss its potential role, e.g. should its role be expanded, should it be in the by-laws, and report back at next NBL meeting.

4. Potential Lines - recommendations to Planning and Coordinating Committee.

We discussed job descriptions for each potential line, and made recommendations for changes in the descriptions. Our sense of the priority for each line will be summarized and reported by R.Gardner to the Planning and Coordinating Sakai site, in time for the Committee to consider our input. It was noted that NBL includes several members of Planning and CoCo, so that we should be well-represented in their considerations.

5. Announcements and Updates:

R.Gardner - re: Counting Opinions. Each unit should look over Counting Opinions results and discuss comments regarding its unit, then report back to M.Fetzer with suggestions, comments, etc. M.Fetzer suggested that where we note commonalities among Libraries in needs or suggestions, these be brought to appropriate group, e.g. NBISG for discussion of services.

T.Glynn - NBISG - didn't get to the Instruction part of their meeting. Since January meeting conflicts with ALA, may be postponed until February.

G.Springs: trying to coordinate registrations for ACRL in March - if we have enough people, can get discounted registration. 13 people have indicated interest, 3 of them are contingent on acceptance of posters. 10 people qualifies us for reduced registration fee. Contact G.Springs if you are interested in attending this meeting.

C.Wu reminded us of the reception to be held tonight at the Art Library for the opening of the exhibit on "Professors' Oriental Abstract World ". The exhibit continues until June 30, 2011.

Submitted by:
Helen Hoffman
December 13, 2010

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