New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the February 11, 2011 Meeting

Bartz, Cassel, Denda, Fetzer, JGardner (recorder), R.Gardner (Chair), Gasparotto, Harrington, Hartman, Hu, Kesselman, Kuchi, Lo, Mulcahy, Mullen, Niessen, Schulman, Sewell, Sloan, Springs, Stec, Wilson, Womack, Wu, Yang.
Gaunt, Izbicki, Marker

1. Adoption of the agenda

R.Gardner proposed and the group agreed to reverse the order of 3. Travel Committee and 4. AUL/RIS Report.

2. Approval of the Minutes of Meeting of December 10, 2010

Minutes of the December 10th meeting were approved as distributed.

3. Interim AUL Report -- M.Fetzer

M.Gaunt asked AULs to identify concerns and issues surrounding the possible merger of RWJ- Rutgers. M.Fetzer convened T.Izbicki, J.Mardikian, J.Gardner to discuss (A.Watkins unable to attend the meeting), and has presented a white paper to M.Gaunt describing public services and collections issues relating to a merger, for example- staff, the catalog, databases. J.Mardikian has since worked on a detailed comparison of the Rutgers and UMDNJ libraries' databases and vendors.

M.Fetzer will monitor plans and definition of a library for the new School of Business building on Livingston campus; move of Carey library to Livingston is also under discussion.

Total salary savings available this FY is not yet known but M.Fetzer will begin prioritizing big ticket equipment and facilities requests next week.

Please remember to submit vacation and carry-over plans to C.Houser.

The Digital User Services Librarian search is underway. The APP has been posted and 18 applications received.

M.Fetzer recommended a review of the new faculty mentoring program to M.Gaunt.

Two sabbaticals have been approved: M.Wilson fall 2011 and J.Sloan spring 2012.

4. Travel Committee--Kesselman

It was decided to maintain the Travel Committee at the last meeting. The NB Libraries Faculty as a whole vote on travel allotments for tenure and untenured librarians, on an annual basis and based on the FY budget. Implementation is a routine clerical operation carried out by administrative staff. Suggestions have been made to expand the role of the committee to include group conference registrations and faculty development. R .Gardner asked for volunteers to join and revitalize the committee but no one has expressed interest yet. The Travel Committee will remain an informal group of volunteers; M.Kesselman and J.Mardikian will continue as members of the committee this year. The NBLF chair will make sure there are two volunteers for the committee and that travel allotments are voted on at the NBLF September meeting.

5. AUL/RIS Search--MIG

M.Gaunt discussed the draft position profile for AUL for Research and Instructional Services and asked for comments. Tom Izbicki will chair the search committee. She noted the description is a good length for posting but it is possible to provide a longer profile; timing to fill the position is flexible, it does not need to be filled by the end of this FY; and the deputy AUL is not mentioned and will be addressed at the search level. The AUL will help describe the deputy's responsibilities and rotating this position from within is a possibility.

Suggestions and comments from the NB Libraries Faculty:

Make the relationship to Camden and Newark campuses clear, what programs run across campuses (virtual reference) and what do not (local reference desk hours). MIG noted the need for strong communications with the campus directors about system wide services.

Change the order and emphasize local over system responsibilities, including the importance of establishing relationships with the academic community in New Brunswick.

Focus more on the research component and working with research faculty.

Delete "information technologies" from the sentence about supporting faculty research and student learning, since information technology is not the only means of focusing support.

Consider this position in tandem with responsibilities of the AUL for Collections position as both instructional services and collections support research.

Add administrative responsibility for coordinating media across the system.

Experience with management of public service operations is too restrictive; asking for academic library management experience instead will potentially increase the pool of candidates, including directors of college libraries for example.

Leadership, consultative, and collaborative are essential skills/qualities.

6. Embargoed Electronic Dissertations and Theses-Niessen & Marker

R. Marker joined the meeting to discuss embargoed ETDs. The Graduate School determines Rutgers' embargo policy in RUCore. It is aligned with ProQuest's and up to a two-year embargo is possible, and renewable. The initial embargo rate is running at about 20%. However, that does not mean that 20% of the ETDs are currently under embargo because some formerly embargoed ETDs are now accessible. Students select RUCore and ProQuest embargoes at different times during the ETD submission process. I n the next release of RUCore, students must actively make a choice about embargo in RUCore, which should eliminate requests to embargo dissertations after they have been submitted.

The Graduate School passes on ProQuest's fees for archiving and open access to graduate students. The current archiving fee is $25/dissertation because we send ProQuest electronic copies now. R.Marker advises students not to pay the open access fee since dissertations are openly available in RUCore.

There was discussion about the meaning of Rutgers' open access policy. Why do Rutgers students and faculty not have access to dissertations produced here as part the degree granting process? There is potentially no limit on embargoing. Should students who choose to embargo their dissertations be required to provide a print version to the Libraries? A webpage educating students to the benefits of electronic distribution might be useful, and Duke's page was cited as a good example. R.Marker noted that the date when embargoes are lifted is noted in the dissertation's embargo policy XML and this information can be used to respond to patent attorneys and others about when an ETD became available.

7. Announcements and Updates

R.Womack - NBCG is meeting next Friday 2/18/11 and won't meet in March. N. Kranich will attend for a discussion of liaison roles.

M.Fetzer- annual personnel evaluations are starting soon.

K.Denda - Douglass Library hosted the Women in Leadership program and presentations last week.

8. Adjournment

Submitted by:
Judy Gardner
February 13, 2011

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