New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the June 10, 2011 Meeting

S. Bartz (recorder), K. Denda, J. Deodato, M. Fetzer, J. Gardner, R. Gardner (chair), T. Glynn, K. Hartman, Q. Hu, T. Kuchi, M. Lo, J. Mardikian, K. Mulcahy, J. Niessen, M. Oswell, R. Sewell, J. Sloan, G. Springs, G. Thompson, M. Wilson, R. Womack, C. Wu, T. Yang

1. Adoption of agenda

The agenda was adopted without amendment.

2. Approval of April minutes

The final draft distributed via email was approved without amendment.

3. AUL/RIS report

4. Liaison activities to other university bodies

Liaison activities to non-academic units should be explored to determine how we can meet their needs and what we can gain by working more closely with them. Suggestions for units to consider included Parking and Transportation, Public Safety, Athletics, the Visitor Center, Housing, Dining Services, and OIT. Tom Glynn will do some preliminary investigation and take the topic to NBISG for further discussion and investigation.

5. Dates for fall and spring meetings

Generally, NBLF and NBISG will trade Fridays, with NBLF meeting on the first Friday of each month (unless otherwise scheduled) and NBISG meeting on the second Friday. There are no NBLF meetings scheduled for July or August.

Dates for fall 2011 and spring 2012 NBLF meetings are as follows:
Sept. 30; Nov. 4; Dec. 2; Jan. 6; Feb. 3; Mar. 2; Apr. 6; May 4; June 1

6. Announcements

6/10/2011sb, revised 6/10/2011, revised 6/24/2011rg

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