New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the February 1, 2013 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Kayo Denda, Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Melissa Just, Nancy Kranich, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Megan Lotts, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen, Jane Sloan, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu, Tao Yang
Aletia Morgan

1. Approval of agenda

Agenda approved.

2. Approval of minutes

Minutes approved.

3. AUL RIS Report (Melissa Just)

Search committees for the Instructional Design Librarian and Chemistry & Physics Librarian have been meeting. The position for the Music & Performing Arts Librarian will be posted soon.

UMDNJ integration teams will now meet jointly on a monthly basis. All major RUL committees now have UMDNJ members. Goal for July 1, 2013 is to have the RU ID on all web sites, and to have a shared catalog.

Strategic planning will be practical, tactical, measurable; and collaborative. The President will review departmental comments as well as the Dean’s summary.

4. RU Research Organization Structure (Ryan Womack, Aletia Morgan)

Ryan distributed a chart outlining the roles of the Data Librarian (Ryan’s title) and the Research Data Manager (Aletia’s title). He is developing a portal on the library web page for research services. The RU Core web page lists current members of the RU Research data team. Future classes will include liaisons.

5. Unit Computing Specialists (Melissa Just)

The Unit Computing Specialists are now doing general computing services as standard IIS activities as well as providing general RIS support. NBL faculty offered comments regarding the future role of UCS.

6. Strategic Plan – RIS Departmental Feedback

Nancy Kranich led the discussion, based on the 6 questions posed by President Barchi. Megan Lotts recorded using the flip charts, and Laura Mullen took notes on her laptop. Melissa Just will convene a smaller group of NBL faculty to summarize the discussion for submission.

7. Future RIS Roles

This item was tabled.

8. Announcements (All)

Reminder that terms are ending in June and new chairs will be needed for Deputy NBL, NBISG, NBCG and, Science subgroup chair, Social Science subgroup chair; also a volunteer for the Travel Committee is needed (Connie Wu will continue; Jackie Mardikian would like to step down).

If you are attending library conferences outside RU, please spread the word about our open librarian positions.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45am

Respectfully submitted by Ellen Calhoun

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