New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the April 5, 2013 Meeting

Tom Glynn, Tao Yang, Joseph Deodato, Jim Niessen, Jackie Mardkian, Melissa Just, Kevin Mulcahy, Megan Lotts, Ryan Womack, Jill Nathanson, Melissa Gasparotto, Mary Fetzer, Connie Wu, Triveni Kuchi, Kayo Denda, Rebecca Gardner, Judy Gardner, Eileen Stec (recorder).

The meeting agenda was approved as were the minutes from the last NBLF meeting.

NBLF Chair report

The results from NBLF elections will be out the week of April 8th.

AUL RIS Report

The open positions under recruitment are moving forward. The Chemistry candidate presentations continue, Instructional Design candidate presentations are tentatively scheduled for April 22nd and May 8th. The Music and Performing Arts Librarian search committee is reviewing the current pool of candidates. Marianne has approved moving ahead on two job descriptions; Humanities Librarian and the Undergraduate Experience Librarian. NBL Faculty are encouraged to volunteer to develop the Humanities Librarian job description.

UMDNJ and Rutgers Libraries integration is currently focusing on issues related to combining catalogs, InterLibrary Loan systems and procedures and bibliographic management software availability.

Attending President Barchi’s town meetings is strongly encouraged.

Melissa Just attended the MOOC conference sponsored by OCLC in Philadelphia. She shared a few "take aways" from the conference including the new "signature" unit of the Coursera software facilitating MOOCs conducted for college credit. Various attendees spoke to redesign of face-to-face courses into MOOCs as superior learning experience than the traditional course delivery. Conference discussions also included issues of copyright and rights management; library as content repository for both faculty and student work; the library as networker and convener of MOOCs. Faculty is encouraged to attend the MOOC conversation April 17th on the College Avenue Campus—Tom Glynn has emailed faculty regarding this event.

MJ presented new guidelines for individual and committee annual reports. The PowerPoint presentation has been uploaded to the NBLF Sakai site. Discussion ensued. There was agreement that the RIS annual report would not be used for future Faculty Compensation Program (FCP) reviews, and that a separate process would be developed for that when it is needed.

Other agenda items

Continuing discussion about future RIS roles and team subject coverage has been postponed for a future meeting.

Faculty discussed combining NBISG, NBCG and NBLF meeting days into one contiguous set of meetings, each meeting led by the elected chair. In an effort to reduce meetings and streamline discussions of agenda items from one group to the next, it was suggested that the chairs and other parties join the AUL RIS for pre-meetings to streamline the agendas and prepare for meetings. The group considers September a good time to begin a pilot of this approach to meetings.


The meeting was adjourned.

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