Minutes for May 3, 2013 Meeting

Tom Glynn, Joseph Deodato, Jackie Mardkian, Melissa Just, Kevin Mulcahy, Megan Lotts, Ryan Womack, Melissa Gasparotto, Mary Fetzer, Triveni Kuchi, Kayo Denda, Judy Gardner, Tom Izbicki, Laura Mullen, Mei Ling Lo, Stephanie Bartz, Jill Nathanson (recorder).

The meeting agenda was approved as were the minutes from the last NBLF meeting.

NBLF Chair report

The June meeting is cancelled.

Tau Yang has agreed to be Co-Chair, RIS Travel. As of July, Connie Wu and Tau Yang will serve as Co-Chairs of RIS Travel.

AUL RIS Report

Hours have been extended for finals. We will be having more discussions this summer about additional hours in the libraries.

Attended MLIS affiliates luncheon. There will be 167 new graduate students this fall. For the first time ever, SC&I will have a booth at the ALA annual meeting to promote its program and push for more out-of-state students.

CIC will be here on Monday. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Academic Position Profiles for Digital Humanities Librarian and Undergraduate Experience Librarian

Discussed two new proposed positions and made some changes to the descriptions. Physical locations are not in these postings due to broader discussions about campus identity. Positions are going back to PlanCo, so they can be posted as soon as possible.

Follow up for an RUL meeting: Is a library degree necessary for our positions? Would we accept a PhD without a library degree?

International Students enrolled in Graduate schools - How are we serving this population

Discussed why there are so few American students in PhD programs, and what the implications for the next generation of professors are. Follow up on this discussion has been tabled to the Fall.

Discussion about future RIS roles and in particular team subject coverage

Discussed using teams to support communities. An undergraduate team has already been operating. Discussed creating a Global Studies/International Services team to work with area studies, international students, going abroad students, etc. Using these two teams as a trial, Melissa will ask for volunteers for each team and the teams will define reach, optimal number of members, accountability, and authority. Recommendations will be brought back to NBLF.


The meeting was adjourned.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/nbl/nblf/minutes/nblfaculty_minutes_2013_05-03.shtml
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