Minutes for November 7, 2014 Meeting

Melissa Just, Karen Hartman (Chair), Mei Ling Lo, Joseph Deodato, Jon Sauceda, Laura Palumbo, Jill Nathanson, Stephanie Bartz, Francesca Giannetti, Connie Wu, Triveni Kuchi, Kayo Denda, Jane Sloan, Manuel Jusino, Tao Yang, Kevin Mulcahy, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Janet Croft, Tom Izbicki, Jackie Mardikian, Jane Sloan

NBCG: Kevin Mulcahy, Chair

Chair's Report

Update on Budget
Allocations have been posted; spend as soon as possible. We plan to compile a list of the subject restrictions on non-state funds, and check that list against information available in the budget office.

Update on Oct. 31, 2014 meeting with Vice-President Edwards
Kevin reported on meeting where he and Ryan Womack presented the results of our petition. Edwards seemed most impressed by the faculty comments. He may not be entirely aware of the restrictions which donors place on our endowments. Ryan and Kevin were able to explain the limitations on our access to CIC materials, and the expectation that RUL will be a contributing member, not merely a beneficiary. Kevin suggested that selectors write to their departments, thanking them for their support of the petition, and updating them on our presentation to Dr. Edwards. We should explore ways of following up on the petition.

NBISG: Tom Glynn, Chair

Articles+ presentation on usability study and resulting changes and discussion
Joseph Deodato presented results from a usability study of Articles+. It involved 12 of our users with budget and software provided by Ebsco. Participants were monitored on video as they worked through 5 search scenarios.

Please see complete report at https://sakai.rutgers.edu/x/uvdtly

Conclusion: Overall, users praised Articles+ for its coverage and ease of use but experienced some difficulty obtaining relevant results.

Some observations:

Update on library session for freshman international students
Jill Nathanson reported there are an increasing number of requests for orientation sessions for International freshman. As a result, she created a set of materials that can be used for these students. The materials are located on the instruction page of the NBL ref toolkit, http://libguides.rutgers.edu/nblref_toolkit located in the box "Materials for International Undergraduates." There is a PowerPoint and a game. The game involves matching pictures and descriptions of frequently used library terms with a word bank. Both the PowerPoint and the game include the common library terms in Chinese, but these words can easily be removed for a different group of students. Everyone is welcome to use these materials and modify them as they need.

NBLF: Karen Hartman, Chair

Chair's Report
September minutes need to be approved via the poll on the NBLF sakai site. Hartman stated the December 5th NBLF meeting would be followed by a meeting of the tenured faculty.

AUL Report
Melissa Just reported there will be a new team in New Brunswick on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism, chaired by Gary Gigliotti. Melissa and Jeanne Boyle are members of the team.

The UL search committee will be chaired by Richard Novak and assisted by a search firm. Triveni Kuchi is interested in candidate recommendations from RUL faculty.

A large gift of video and images, fully owned with licensing rights, is coming to Rutgers and the donor has asked that it be housed in the Libraries. Because of the subject matter and size of the collection, we are looking at Chang Library as the best permanent location. Next week the libraries will begin program of checking IDs for late night use of buildings. The remainder of the AUL report concerned the current budget.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/nbl/nblf/minutes/nblfaculty_minutes_2014_11_07.shtml
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