Minutes for February 6, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Leslin Charles, Janet Brennan Croft, Kayo Denda, Joseph Deodato, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman, Helen Hoffman, Melissa Just, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Megan Lotts, Julie Moscinski, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen, Laura Palumbo, Jonathan Sauceda, Lily Todorinova, Ryan Womack (recorder), Tao Yang

New Brunswick Collections Group

Chair's Report (Tao Yang reporting for Kevin Mulcahy)

Selectors are urged to speed up their order and spend out their funds.

New Brunswick Libraries Faculty

Chair's Report/Minutes (Karen Hartman)

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AUL Report/Update on NBL Reorganization (Melissa Just)

Office of Disability Services has moved into Alexander Reference's Electronic Resources Room, headed by Shahida Khalid. Shahida also has a library background and will be joining the Alexander Reference Team meetings for information sharing. Special equipment, including a new magnifying CCTV reader, has been installed. Text-to-speech machines, including JAWS and Kurzweil readers, are being installed. The room is being reconfigured for accessibility and learning. The Office will be offering drop-in training and consulting services on accessibility. The space is open to Rutgers users and the public. The ERR computers will be relocated to a new location in the Alexander reference room.

Leslin Charles will be taking responsibility as the primary liaison for English 201/301 writing programs from Jill Nathanson, who will now be focusing more on online and distance education, including off-campus programs at community colleges. Librarians at the community colleges already help these students access Rutgers resources if they are in these programs. RUL should investigate how to better support and fund these activities. International education may also make use of hybrid educational models.

User Services Council is creating a task force on Rutgers Global Instruction to investigate delivering services to Rutgers programs in other countries, such as China. This will relate to the more general online and distance education activities.

Just provided a brief update on the attack on the student at Dana Library. The response was very swift in apprehending the perpetrator and providing care to the student. There will probably be some discussions relating to policy on patron access and behavior.

The RFP for the Libraries Space Master Plan was ready, but the cost of conducting the plan came in much higher than initially anticipated. Additional funding needs to be identified or the plan needs to be scaled back, but a final decision has not yet been made. The Libraries are not very involved in the Campus Master Plans, and were dropped from being part of the Campus "Hubs".

The reorganization team has developed three models and evaluated them against ten use cases. A smaller subset of the reorganization team are going to meet to develop a hybrid model that will be brought back to RIS.

The University Librarian search is proceeding. Nominations are encouraged.

NBLF Digest, Lightning talks (Tao Yang)

At a tenured faculty meeting, ideas were generated about sharing knowledge about each other's research and other professional projects. Meetings and lunches and other social functions are beneficial, but everyone is pressed for time and may not be able to participate. The NBLF digest would be a monthly summary of publications, presentations, and other activities of the NBL faculty. Anything than would fall in the category of Librarianship, Scholarship, and Service could be reported, also including professional development and recognitions. A monthly report would be more timely than quarterly or annual reports. With more knowledge of each other's work, other collaborations and interactions will be enhanced. A digest can also help establish the identity of NBLF. The NBLF Chair would call for submissions, and the Vice-Chair would compile the digest. Items would be short and limited to three per faculty member per month.

The Lightning Talk topics would be chosen from the Digest items by the NBLF Chair and Vice-Chair. At an NBLF meeting, about 15 minutes could be set aside to present and discuss these items.

The recommendation was made to publish the Digest in blog format, which would be more searchable and permanent than the Digest, and a digest could be generated from the recent blog posts.

Discussion about assessment, "assessment minute" (Melissa Just, Leslin Charles)

Libraries are part of the University's assessment strategy which play a major role in accreditation. "Closing the loop" has been identified as a lack in the Libraries' use of assessment; i.e., when feedback is collected, it should be used to improve the activity for which the feedback was collected. The assessment minute will be time set aside at the NBLF meeting to highlight and discuss an effective use of assessment.

Leslin presented the use of lightweight assessment to evaluate the goals of the TeachMeets. Feedback was collected through conversation with the participants to find out if ideas from the TeachMeets were being used, if other new ideas were being sparked, if trainers were being trained, etc. This provides initial feedback. Later, surveys can be used, as well as blogs to spread information and collect comments.

Assessment minute can be about more topics than just instruction.


Laura Mullen has been conducting drop-in sessions (with Jane Otto) on the Open Access Policy on all campuses. The next step will be outreach to specific departments with the involvement of liaisons. The site soar.rutgers.edu has all of the information.

Kayo Denda- there will be another call for multimedia call for projects for the media award.

Triveni Kuchi - Following the March 6, RUL faculty meeting, Mike Gower, Senior VP of Finance, will discuss the implementation of RCM (Responsibility Centered Management) budgeting.

Laura Palumbo - Demo of LabArchives (electronic lab notebook product) is coming.

Many librarians were approved for Byrne Seminars. Melissa Just congratulated the group on the high level of activity in this area. The Byrne Seminar topics are as follows:

New Brunswick Information Services Group

Chair's Report (Tom Glynn)

The report was distributed prior to the meeting via e-mail, and is reproduced below.

Grants for public (student) PCs (Kim Kaiser, Ed Smith)

There are currently 210 public PCs from 2008 and 50 Eclass (electronic classroom) machines from 2007 in the Libraries. These are still running XP and not powerful enough to upgrade to Windows 7.

There was no equipment funding in FY14, or any expected in FY15. As a result, IIS is seeking grant funding now to replace PCs, IIS needs help in researching grant opportunities and writing proposals. IIS would like to form a team to pursue these grants.

Ideas were discussed about other ways to serve student computing needs and possibly including these in grants (e.g., laptops, partnering with OIT). Tom Glynn, Leslin Charles, and Triveni Kuchi volunteered to join the grant-writing team. If others are interested let Ed and Kim know.

Hathitrust training (Tao Yang)

On February 24th, there will be a formal program on HathiTrust at RUL. Today's brief presentation summarized the benefits of HathiTrust. HathiTrust contains 13 million volumes (587 TB), including 4.9 million in the public domain. Federal government documents comprise about 13% of the public domain collection in 2012. Half of the content is English, with the rest distributed among other languages. Library users can not only view and download public domain books, but can search full-text of copyrighted books. They can create their own collections with the "Collection Builder". For students with disabilities and for specified preservation uses, we can access the in-copyright materials as well.

The presentation was followed by a quick demo of the database and a brief discussion of training issues.

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