Minutes for May 1, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Susan Bennett (guest), Kayo Denda, Rebecca Gardner, Francesca Giannetti, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman, Melissa Just, Marty Kesselman, Lyn Krueger (guest), Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen, Laura Palumbo, Jon Sauceda, Jane Sloan, Lily Todorinova, Ryan Womack, Tao Yang

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed, with a stipulation from the chair that adjustments might be made during the course of the meeting.

Minutes of February 6, 2015 Meeting

Approved with the small corrections already submitted to the chair.

FIGS Presentation (Lyn Krueger & Susan Bennett)

Lyn Krueger, Director of New Student Programs, and Susan Bennett, Assistant Director, distributed course booklets for Fall 2015 First-year Interest Group Seminars (FIGS) along with information on "FIGS Elements" and a breakdown of course topics for the 15 years that FIGS have been taught. Bennett provided general background about the program and Krueger expanded further on its purpose and overall success.

Lily Todorinova will be working with FIGS staff and instructors to revamp some of the library and information literacy materials used in the classes. Librarians interested in working with a FIGS class, or observing a FIGS class and providing feedback, are encouraged to contact Todorinova, Krueger, or Bennett.

NBLF Chair Update (Karen Hartman)

Tao Yang will be NBLF chair in AY 2015-2016. A deputy chair needs to be elected. Hartman will contact Charlene Houser regarding the election. NBCG subject representatives will also be needed for two of the subgroups. Hartman will consult with Kevin Mulcahy so that the election of subject representatives can be folded in with the election of a deputy chair.

The NBLF will meet next on Friday, June 12, at LSM.

AUL Update (Melissa Just)

SOAR Update (Laura Mullen)

The new open access policy goes into effect in September. Outreach efforts are ongoing with letters having been sent to deans, meetings with department chairs and directors taking place, and other work continuing. New handouts, an updated fact sheet, and bookmarks are being worked on. Library faculty are included in the requirements set forth in the new open access policy.

Liaison Responsibilities for SCI (Melissa Just)

Liaison responsibilities for SCI are currently broken up among four librarians: Lily Todorinova (communication), Laura Palumbo (library studies, interim), Jane Sloan (journalism and media studies), and Mei Ling Lo (information technology and informatics).The arrangement was reviewed due to Sloan's impending retirement. With the agreement of the faculty, Lo will continue in her role as liaison for ITI, and the remaining areas will be consolidated with Todorinova as the liaison. The change will be effective as soon as notifications and other transition processes have been completed. Collections money will likely continue to be divided.

Media Analog Purchasing (Jane Sloan)

This agenda item morphed into a more general discussion of media purchases. Sloan's recommendation was that the majority of physical media be obtained for classes via the booking or reserves process, but individual purchases may also be made by selectors. Funds are generally better used for the purchase of streaming media. Sloan suggested leaving media funds as is and having a group determine what to do with unspent funds in January. A procedure for ordering media needs to be documented.

The new contact for materials from Swank will be Zara Wilkinson in Camden. A meeting to discuss the transition has been scheduled.

Just will be putting out a call for members for the new media team soon.

Reference Desks (Melissa Just)

Due to changes in budget and staffing, and based on usage data, we have been making changes to reference desks in NB Libraries. We need to remember that, although desks typically serve local populations, our desks operate as part of an eco-system. When we make changes in one location, there could be impacts on other services points (e.g., in-person traffic, increased phone calls or chat requests, increased traffic at circulation desks). Better communication when we are making changes will help alert our colleagues to potential impacts. The Desk Team, which is part of the Experience Department in the reorganized RIS-New Brunswick, will need to look at service desks more systematically and include an assessment of their relation to chat and email services.


NBCG Budget Update (Kevin Mulcahy)


With the agreement of the chair, the agenda items for NBISG were tabled until the June meeting.


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