Minutes for July 17, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Leslin Charles, Janet Croft (recorder), Kayo Denda, Joseph Deodato, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Karen Hartman, Tom Izbicki, Melissa Just, Martin Kesselman, Nancy Kranich, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Megan Lotts, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Laura Palumbo, Jon Sauceda, Lily Todorinova, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu, Tao Yang.

Recorder for upcoming meetings: Deodato, Gardner, Gasparotto…

Chair's Report (Hartman)

Karen sent out the schedule for the next year's meetings; a space and time are reserved for every month even if we don't meet. (The year at the top of this list will be corrected.) Will invite Kris to attend a future meeting, perhaps in October. Congratulations to members who received promotions and reappointments: Megan Lotts, Melissa Gasparotto, and Nancy Kranich. A party is planned in August and will also include Consuella Askew.

AUL Update (Just)

Melissa will meet with Kris today to begin orienting her to RIS functions and touring the buildings. Melissa also reported that nametags are here and encouraged people who have not ordered them to consider getting them.

NBL Reorganization (Just, All)

Melissa sent out a memo about her choices for the unit heads yesterday: Melissa Gasparotto for Learning and Engagement, and Ryan Womack for Research and Content. She intends to leave Experience open for now so she can work directly with Janet Croft on several organizational and structural priorities first. The desk team is going to be the very top priority for this unit. and needs to be addressed right away. Kevin Mulcahy moved to endorse Melissa's proposal, and Marty Kesselman seconded. Vote: unanimous approval. A staff representative was originally going to be nominated by staff but in order not to have Alexander staff over-represented, Melissa will call for nominees and select the representative for the first term. Melissa has called a meeting of the leadership team to look at assigning people to departments, timeline for implementation, etc.

The Unit Computing Specialists remain an issue: there is not a clear path for where they report, they need guidance on balancing RIS and IIS assignments, etc. A UCS department was proposed, and the currently open position will be recruited as the supervisor for this team (current UCSs may apply), who will report to Melissa and serve as gatekeeper and priority-setter for RIS vs IIS assignments. UCSs will stay in their buildings but as a team they can better look at needs holistically across all the NB campuses. The room reservation system is the sort of project the UCS group would do. On the org chart, this group underlies and supports the three units. Points raised: We need to protect this group so they fill our actual needs and not get pulled in other directions or overused by other units. We also need to consider tech support for Special Collections, including digitization. UCSs also handle student payroll at some branches; should this continue?

Discussion of the Research and Content unit focused on the growing importance of scholarly communications and open access, and integrating special collections. Where this will fit with our existing structure and NBCG in particular (but also LRC, PlanCo, CSC) was also an issue. This reorg of NB RIS still needs to fit into the overall libraries organization; Melissa will be appointing representatives from this new structure to several councils etc. As Melissa pointed out, if a function is important to us it will continue. Communication is going to be paramount. As far as reporting: for the purposes of supervision and evaluation, faculty report to Melissa, staff to Janet; the unit heads coordinate effort but do not evaluate.

Cinema Studies coverage (Just, All)

With Jane Sloan's retirement, some of her responsibilities have been reassigned; a memo was sent out this week. Remaining are her responsibilities as cinema studies and digital filmmaking liaison. Megan Lotts can liaison with digital filmmaking but Jon Sauceda will do it while she is on sabbatical. Where should cinema studies go? It is an interdisciplinary program, not a major. Most books come in on approval plan. As faculty with an interest in this are scattered across many areas, we determined that Kevin Mulcahy will serve as the "face" of the library for this program, appearing on the LibGuide, but triage questions out to other librarians with specific subject expertise.

Collections Update (Yang)

Tao proposed an 18 month plan which the cabinet has endorsed; it is available on Sakai. The most important trend is opportunities arising from partnerships and collaborations-VALE, PALCI, CIC, etc.: shared print repositories, shared purchase plans, open textbooks, HathiTrust scanning, etc. Tao's goals include solutions to monograph, journal, and Big Deal issues; long term plans for preservation and storage; and responses to external opportunities. Next Tao will meet with Kris to get her approval, then in August will move for formal adoption at LRC. Tao invites comments and suggestions before July 24th. Important issues raised in discussion were the place of scholarly communication, big packages taking many decisions out of our hands, and the importance of special collections to our uniqueness and visibility. Tao wants to organize discussion around a recent OCLC publication which addresses all these issues as aspects of the collection as a whole. Preservation was also discussed; in Tao's proposal, a task force or planning group needs to develop a long-term preservation and conservation plan. Tom Izbicki reiterated the need for a hands-on preservation librarian attuned to issues of digitization, and also recommended a meeting or committee of all special collections scattered across the university libraries for better overall coordination of purpose and discussion of issues.

Travel Update (Kesselman, Wu)

Connie and Marty stressed that faculty should send them their travel plans for the coming year - or tell them if you do NOT plan to use travel money. This is different from the document that gets sent to Charlene for reimbursement. There was general approval for the idea of Marty preparing an internal LibGuide with his tips for getting good travel deals and external sources of funding.


Laura Mullen: The Open Access policy goes into effect September 1.

Nancy Kranich: A Latino-American project involving public libraries across the state and other departments on campus was funded at $10,000. An official announcement is to come. The project will involve exhibits, programs, presentations, a web portal, and additions to the New Jerseyana collection in Latino studies.

Laura Palumbo: The physical work on the Physics closure is mostly done. Once the bid for remediation services goes through the books will go out and should be back this fall. Melissa called for care in discussing mold with faculty outside the library. Mold is everywhere so we can't promise it won't happen again. We will be using a gas treatment rather than irradiation, on advice from other libraries, and monitoring carefully at Math.

Leslin Charles: On August 21 we will host a LibCamp un-conference for LIS students and high school librarians.

Joe Deodato: All LibGuides have been migrated to the new platform. They will go live August 3; the content freeze is still in effect.

Tom Izbicki: Paul Clemens' new book on Rutgers is out, and available at B&N.

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