Minutes for September 4, 2015 Meeting

S. Bartz, L.Charles, K.Denda (chair), J.Deodato, R. Gardner (recorder), M.Gasparotto, F. Giannetti, T.Glynn, T. Izbicki, M. Jusino, M.Just,T.Kuchi, M.L.Lo, J. Mardikian, K.Mulcahy, L.Mullen, J. Nathanson, J.Niessen, L. Palumbo, J.Sauceda, L. Todorinova, R. Womack, C. Wu

1. Approval of the Agenda, Minutes

The agenda was amended as follows: T. Yang's collections update will be sent out via email. There will be no travel report.

The minutes were approved as distributed.

2. AUL update-M.Just

The Master Space Plan is moving along. An architectural firm has been chosen and funding for a plan is expected. K. Maloney was involved in the selection process. The firm has worked with Rutgers before and has experience with library spaces. The timeframe to create a plan is 9-14 months. The firm that actually does the construction may be different than the firm that creates the plan.

Records Hall is being torn down and OIT would like to partner with the libraries to house some of their OIT lab computers in the basement level of Alexander Library. There are two outstanding questions: 1) who will pay for any costs associated with the move, and 2) what would the timeline be? Also, since the Annex is 97% full, where would the journals in the basement go? There was a comment that it is possible we may be able to share in a new repository that PALCI is involved with.

Note that the new faculty list previously sent out is not quite up to date. M.Just is trying to get a revised version which she will then distribute. K. Maloney and M.Just attended the new faculty orientation. M.Just described a new program that they learned about called "Don't Cancel That Class." It is essentially like a list of substitute speakers (for example a representative from counseling services) who can give presentations to classes when faculty might otherwise cancel. M.Just would like to see the libraries get involved in the program.

3. Priorities and SWOT-M.Just

M.Just was asked to prepare a list of priorities and a SWOT analysis for both NBL and USC. For USC she asked for a wide range of input, including from faculty, the USC, access services groups, and campus directors. The priorities and SWOT were discussed in cabinet earlier this week. It was recognized that some weaknesses might also be strengths and vice versa. The same may be true for threats and opportunities. Although some points on the NBL list seem broader than NBL, they are issues that we care about and can help support. There is some overlap, and NBL/NBLF/RIS concerns are sometimes hard to distinguish.

This is a very dynamic document. There may never be a "final" document as it is mostly information for ongoing conversations. M.Just will continue to report back to us. K.Maloney is in an information gathering stage right now and will be visiting NBLF at its October meeting.

4. NBL Reorganization Update-M.Just, M. Gasparotto, R. Womack

At this point, all NBL faculty have been assigned to a department and heads of those departments have been confirmed. Each department has a small budget. M. Just is meeting with candidates interested in the staff representative position next week.

The Research and Content group, headed by R. Womack, will be meeting on September 18th. They will determine the initial team structure for the department. He asked people to contact him if they have ideas regarding the teams. He will included staff in the teams.

The Learning and Engagement group, headed by M. Gasparotto, is set to meet on September 24th. Before they form teams, they will try to determine what is currently working and what is not. The established global, undergraduate, instruction, etc. teams are still in place for now.

M.Just will send out a list of all department members and the staff representative soon.

5. UL/VP visit to NBLF, October 2nd (preparation)-Denda, All

K.Maloney will be attending the first part of the NBLF meeting on October 2nd. The meeting will be held at LSM.

Discussion ensued regarding ideas for the meeting.

6. Open Lines-M.Just

Within the next year there will be about seven open faculty lines in New Brunswick. The position profile for the Business and Entrepreneurship Librarian is drafted, approved and ready to go. We should be prepared for one or two more positions as they open up. We have a fairly recent "wish list" to revisit. In the new RCM model, faculty lines are assigned to a campus. The NBLF lines are funded by the NB campus. It is possible to keep lines open for salary savings. It was noted that more lines will be vacant with retirements anticipated sooner rather than later.

Currently or soon to be open lines include: Business and Entrepreneurship, Instruction and Outreach, Media, Government Documents and Biological Sciences. The science librarians may want to consider discussing the Biological Sciences line with H. Hoffman's participation and input.

K.Denda stated that she can help shape the media librarian position discussion. She would like until probably January to think about it, so it will most likely not be the next one on deck.

It was suggested that we revive the Exploratory Committee as an advisory group to help determine which lines would be best to have ready to fill first. M.Just will decide who is on the committee and who will chair it. T.Kuchi, M.Kesselman, R. Womack , K.Denda, L. Palumbo and J. Sauceda expressed interest.

The Business and Entrepreneurship line will be discussed at the October NBLF meeting.

7. SOAR Update-L.Mullen

The open access policy went into effect on September 1st. An email reminder will be sent to all RU faculty soon. L.Mullen reminded us about the green fact sheet (available to print at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/sites/default/files/scholarly_communication/Rutgers_OA_Factsheet.pdf ). There is also a new bookmark that describes the deposit process in five easy steps. Contact L.Mullen or J. Otto if interested in obtaining bookmarks. They are also available to accompany liaisons on visits to their departments to discuss open access and SOAR, or to answer any questions that may come up.

There may be a follow up liaison assembly to discuss open access within the disciplines.

Open access week activities with health/science focus will be held on October 20th and 21st. One will be on the Newark Campus and the other will be at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey in New Brunswick.

8. Announcements-All

R.Womack thanked the liaisons for spreading the word about his upcoming data workshops. They are currently at double capacity.

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