Minutes for November 6, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Leslin Charles, Janet Croft, Joseph Deodato, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Francesca Giannetti (recorder), Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman, Manuel Jusino, Melissa Just, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen, Laura Palumbo, Lily Todorinova, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu, Tao Yang.
Laura Mullen, Kayo Denda, Martin Kesselman.

Recorder for upcoming meetings: Glynn, Kuchi, Lo…

Chair's Report (Hartman)

Reminder to send materials to Melissa by November 23, 2015 to be considered for merit pay. We are requested to give unique name to digital files. NBL steering group meeting in the afternoon of November 6th. Next NBLF meeting scheduled for December 4th.

AUL Update (Just)

RIS Reorganization

NBL steering group will talk about RIS teams that have been formalized. Will use Qualtrix survey to ask faculty and staff to identify teams of interest, one of which must be outside existing team. All faculty need to be on 1-3 teams. Staff are being invited to join teams, but not every staff person will be on a team, as this won't necessarily make sense for all staff. Survey to go out soon.

Lines of Business

Faculty and staff librarians will be asked to fill out form about lines of business to meet requirements of Responsibility Centered Management (RCM). Form will ask us to specify our core areas of service. Input will be used to determine which people work to support those core services, and what is that cost. Instruction is to consider our job over the course of a year, in its totality, and think about how much time is spent on each category. Categories cannot be changed this year, but going forward better categories can be developed. They are a mix of core services and current activities that do not include all aspects of what we do. Not required to report something under 5%. Fill it out to best of ability within a week of receipt. Will be sent electronically.

Ensuing discussion helped identify tentative consensus on the following categories:

Library Master Space Plan

CFP went out and an architectural firm was unanimously selected. Antonio Calcado will locate funding for the creation of the plan. Part of University Master Space Plan, which has 13-month timeline. Will involve engagement with librarians, users, administrators.

Coverage for Librarians on Leave

Lily and Jon will be out for family leave. No specific plans have been made to cover Jon's subjects, as he'll stay connected for the time being. For Lily, Tao will do collection development for non-LIS, while Laura Palumbo will do LIS as well as SCI instruction. Laura will send out a call for assistance with instruction in the spring semester; please respond.

Q&A on Collection Priorities (Yang)

Collections priorities include:

  1. Supporting system-wide and local collections needs identified by the VP/UL and Cabinet (undergraduate support, Special Collections, Health Sciences Libraries, and CIC consortial purchasing),
  2. Developing a RUL master plan for print collection management,
  3. Building up collection assessment capacities to support decision-making.

Karen mentioned two posters from recent State of the Libraries on collection development ["How ILL Data Analysis Can Inform and Influence Collection Development" and "Critical University Context to Inform Collection Decisions"]. Potential interest in planning a workshop on these two assessment projects as part of standing meeting?

Developing a Core Services Layer for Undergraduates (Just)

Three possible areas of activity: instruction, reference, open textbooks. University may or may not incentivize faculty to move courses to open textbook implementation. Incentives may include competitive grant making process for creation of open textbooks, which RUL would coordinate. Possibility of RUL joining Open Textbook Network (based at U. Minnesota). Content is CC-BY. OTN provides training, materials, and consulting.

Reference and Instruction

Chat hours offered at RUL are considerably fewer than our peers. Kris is interested in offering a more comprehensive chat service. Questions for consideration: How can we provide additional chat hours? What does our current chat usage look like? Can people find the service on the website? We could implement a pop-up chat window that appears on RUL website after user hesitation.

How do we provide holistic reference service locally? In what way can RBHS librarians participate in chat? Service Points Team may formally investigate these questions; reports to new Experience department.

Instruction involves a disciplinary and a general piece. Need to calibrate better where greatest effort is spent. For example, many 1st and 2nd year students in social science disciplines don't write papers, they have quizzes. Their library instruction needs could perhaps be addressed by an instructional video. What are the opportunities for engaging in the curriculum at 1st and 2nd year undergrad levels? Aresty Center is interested in building in library component; cohort of 450 students in Fall 2015. Instruction for these students could be accomplished in disciplinary groups. It was suggested to check the off-desk reference statistics for information on Aresty consultations to assess work already taking place. Possible to consider vendor for electronic instruction delivery, adjuncts, etc.

Discussion included questions on the difference between the SAS Core and a major core. How do we engage with departmental curriculum committees? Difficult to make decisions about library instruction without investigating these differences among cores across New Brunswick. Possible to distinguish collections resources between undergraduate and graduate students? Some felt that this is hard to do in certain disciplines; in humanities fields, same resources often used at both levels, only degree of engagement changes.

Events Assessment Task Force Report (Charles)

Motivation for formation of system-wide task force: no narrative to explain and assess RUL work on events. Leslin distributed task force update and draft Events Tracking Form [handouts]. Task force divided RUL activities into two categories: instruction and events. Instruction will continue to be recorded in the BiStats database; Camden and Newark will soon use it as well. Goal to add an area to record data on events, which would include orientations, tabling, film screenings, etc. How to differentiate? Anything that involves teaching will continue to be recorded in BiStats; other activities, in the events database. Related need to have a central repository for storing release forms for photography, other paperwork.

Continuation of RUL discussion on faculty role (Glynn)

Meetings scheduled on November 17 and 18 with Cabinet and PlanCo to discuss bylaws redraft. Perception that current RUL processes are inefficient. Decision making authority diffuse and unclear. A return to AUL chairmanship of the councils could potentially ameliorate this issue, although unclear if the councils are effective and accountable.


SC&I student groups organizing a library crawl. M. Just gave contact people for individual libraries.

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