Minutes for April 1, 2016 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Janet Croft, Kayo Denda, Joseph Deodato, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Francesca Giannetti, Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman (Chair), Manuel Jusino, Melissa Just, Marty Kesselman, Mei Ling Lo, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen, Laura Palumbo (recorder), Lily Todorinova, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu.

1. Chair's report: (K.Hartman)

The Agenda was approved. The minutes from the February 5, 2016 meeting received no revisions and were approved.

The next NBLF meeting will be May 6th at LSM. A meeting for all tenured faculty will immediately follow.

2. Open Lines Discussion- T. Glynn and Exploratory

Glynn provided background information considered by the Exploratory Committee. There are currently eight open lines in New Brunswick: Biological Sciences Librarian, Business Librarian, Government Documents Librarian (Alexander Library), Government Documents /Maps Librarian (LSM), Humanities Librarian, Media Librarian, Outreach and Instruction Librarian, Pharmacy and Medicine Librarian. The former faculty lines "wish list" was also reviewed.

The Committee considered priorities established by the University Librarian, such as undergraduate services and research support. It was noted that there is also a desire to expand chat. Other considerations are the significant decrease in librarians at both Douglass Library and the Library of Science and Medicine. The Exploratory Committee put forth four proposed lines to be filled as soon as possible: Business and Entrepreneurship Librarian, Biosciences Librarian, Geospatial and Government Documents Librarian, and a Media Librarian.

M. Just: One additional open line is Diversity Intern, which will not be filled until a permanent replacement can be found for the Human Resources position. We also want to consult with our Diversity Office and others on campus to address current research in diversity issues.

M. Just also explained that we would like to fill the Pharmacy/Medicine line with someone who could provide services to RBHS as well as New Brunswick, to address budgeting issues. We will be having conversations about working more with RBHS librarians to better serve both NB and RBHS.

Geospatial and Government Information Librarian- (R. Womack) Womack provided a list of possible duties for this description, although it is likely that we might not get all of the desirable qualifications in a single candidate; and it is unclear what size pool might be available for this kind of position. We should consider whether or not we would require an MLIS.

S.Bartz referred to the RUL policy that says candidates for librarian positions must have an MLIS, with exceptions for archives and special cases.

The group discussed the separation of the Government Documents and Geospatial Information aspects of the proposed position. It was noted that they require different sets of qualifications.

After discussion, a consensus was reached that we would ideally like two separate lines (Government Documents/Maps Librarian and Geospatial Information Librarian), but that in the event only one could be filled we would prefer the combined position rather than one or the other.

Business and Entrepreneurship Librarian- (M. Just)
Many departments in New Brunswick have a business component, not just the Business programs. This position would serve all departments that include business aspects in their majors. Although the Business School is located in Newark, the bulk of the undergraduate program in Business is in NB.
The proposed position was endorsed by NBLF.

Biosciences Librarian- (M. Kesselman)
Kesselman will be covering the duties of the Biosciences Librarian on temporary basis. The line serves many departments within the Division of Life Sciences, some very technical in nature. There is a need to fill this line as quickly as possible.
The proposed position was endorsed by NBLF.

Media Librarian- (K. Denda)
Denda provided a description of the proposed duties of the new Media Librarian position. Ideally the Media Librarian would be proactive in offering new types of services. We need to further explore how this position would interface with the existing Media Services Department. This line should be a faculty position requiring research in this quickly evolving area.
The proposed position was endorsed by NBLF.

The Exploratory Committee will update drafts of these positions, and concurrently, M. just will discuss these recommendations with K. Maloney.

3. Bylaw revisions- S. Bartz

Proposed revisions to the bylaws were distributed and discussed. After some discussion, it was decided that the proposed changes require a new draft of revisions. These will be available in May.

4. AUL report- M. Just

There are currently three Rutgers master plans being drafted; one each for the Libraries, Student Services, and Transportation. They are being reviewed by Tony Calcado in Facilities. The architects for the Libraries Master Plan will be seeking input from students in heavily trafficked areas. A call for volunteers to staff these points will be going out soon.

M. Kesselman will cover the Biosciences Librarian duties until the position is filled. The line also included coverage of the Geology department, transferred there temporarily when the Chemistry & Physics Librarian position was being filled. L. Palumbo has agreed to assume responsibilities for Geology on a permanent basis.

M. Just will be filling the Unit Computing Specialist position at Kilmer. This position will be supervisory, and will coordinate all of the UCSs.

There is a small amount of year-end money, but not enough for big ticket items. We can buy some furniture, and staff laptops for checking out. Some of the money may be used to contribute to the collections purchase of Wiley backfiles.

There are two "NBL All" meetings scheduled, one each at Alex and LSM. Topics to be discussed are a budget update, Department reports, and RUL Guiding Principles. Please plan to attend one of these meetings.

5. Guiding Principles- M. Just

This discussion will be deferred to the scheduled NBL All meetings.

6. Updates from NBL Department heads

This is also deferred to the NBL All meetings. Team leaders please send your goals and summaries to Department heads ASAP.

7. Announcements

There will be an instruction TeachMeet soon. Please watch your e-mail for more information.

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