Technology Team Mid-Year Report - February 14, 2000


The Learning Links grant program is well underway and is in it's second semester in proving support for several Web-CT based classes taught by the Spanish department. With the resignation of Delphine Kahana, Scott Hines and Mike Giarlo have joined Marty Kessleman and Lourdes Vazquez in providing support. This support for the Spanish department has included on the hardware end, the purchase of a hi-end multimedia workstation and various scanners/digitization equipment that can digitize, text, audio and video and serve these as well. We have also purchased 5 other computers in the development of a collaboratory based at the SCC. This collaboratory will be used by instructors and students for group work on Learning Links and similar projects in the future and for small group instruction. We have also been involved in training/assisting instructors with digitizing and WebCT and training the Spanish classes on networked information resources, development of websites using Netscape Composer and with Power Point. An outgrowth of this program is working with the Spanish department in the development of a prototype multimedia journal, Arachne.

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