Tech Team Meeting Minutes April 30, 1999

1. Liaisons/Consultation: Ryan has agreed to serve as a liaison between the tech team and the collections group similar to the liaison responsibilities Jia has with information services. It was noted that the liaison relationships are critical and is the major way we can be effective in helping other NB services. Marty will contact Mary and Farideh and ask them to recommend a liaison to the tech team. It was suggested that because of our consultative function regarding technology, we should be consulted first regarding suggestions for ICI funds and other RU-wide funds.

2. Team Structure: It is apparent that we have not evolved into the organization we had originally envisioned for this group comprised of several working teams. Because of librarian turnover and our small size, we have remained a single group and our greatest strength has been the sharing of ideas and interests and where needed, e.g. when charged by Ryoko to gather information, provide feedback. It was noted that teams work best around projects. The SCC currently has several project-based teams and their focus is serving clients outside the library. Possibly a similar model is needed for the tech team in the development and working on internal projects. Team based projects are one way to help build-up skills for those librarians that might not be as technology oriented in working closely with others who are.

3. Pots of Gold: One disadvantage for the technology team, is that we have no funds (no collections or staff funds). The SCC gets project funds from outside clients, so how do we get internal funds to help with technological solutions for various NB services? One suggestion is to have internal grants with funds that come from a skim off the top of the NB Libraries operating budget -- voucher funds, funds generated by various NB departments, etc. These funds are needed for voucher, server storage space, and possibly equipment/software. The NB Technology Team will establish criteria for these funds which would be competitive and would be based on promoting the mission of the NB Libraries. A target amount of $19,000 for the first year was suggested. For instructional support, in particular when working with the departments, we might also be able to use technology oriented students fromt eh TEC. These grants, in consultation with the rest of the NB librarians could have a different theme each year such as transforming reference, transforming instruction, etc. Who is willing to work on developing a proposal for this program?

4. Technology Staff and Librarians: We need to have the right level of individual in the right job. Librarians are most effective as decision makers and focusing on projects that help us move forward, doing research and development and taking risks. Super staff (high-level technical staff) are critical in providing applications support, software development, and may provide input into some decisions working alongside librarians. Other lower-level technical staff are needed for ongoing maintenance of existing equipment and for support of existing computer applications. Regarding technology librarians in NB, more thought is needed. This is something we've discussed in the past and is something the NB Planning Group needs to address. It seems that Librarian Vs can be effective in the short-term as they can be quite focused on projects and not be concerned with tenure and promotion requirments. In the long-term, no matter what, we need ways to build up the skills of all our librarians such as:

5. NB Website: At the recent NB Library Faculty meeting, a suggestion was made for the NB Tech Team to provide a website for archiving minutes and other documents of the various NB groups. Marty will discuss the matter with Sam to see if he might be able to provide a place for us through the RUL website.

6. Team Leadership: Marty agreed to lead the team for one final year on the condition that next year there would be a change in leadership.

Review Of Tasks:

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