Matriculation Continued Graduate Students
Public Service Administrative Memo #1

November 7, 1983
TO: Librarian's Cabinet
FROM: Evelyn Greenberg

This memo is intended to articulate Rutgers University Libraries policy concerning doctoral candidates registered as Matriculation Continued.

Although this category of registration is available to students who presumably will not use faculty time and university research facilities, the registrar does validate the student's ID. This validated ID and presence on our patron file does entitle these students to all graduate student library privileges with the exception of assigned carrel space.

Please see that all appropriate staff are informed of library policy in this regard.

This is the first of a numbered series of policy memos and I would like you to maintain a file of Public Service Administrative memos for consultation by appropriate departments. Any amendments to policy contained in administrative memos will be issued as revisions or replacements to the appropriate numbered memo.

EG: nac

H. Edelman
J. Lurie
F. Olin

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