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Any person may visit the Rutgers University Libraries and use, on-site, materials that are needed for professional or research purposes. Advance arrangements may be necessary for the use of materials in the Libraries' Special Collections/Archives.

Individuals qualifying for one of the borrower categories detailed below may apply for in-person, direct borrowing privileges. All other users are served through the interlibrary loan services of their local library--university, public, institutional or corporate.


Primary Borrowers

Borrowers designated as primary are currently part of the University community by virtue of enrollment or employment, formal agreements with other institutions, and certain affiliated persons considered on a case by case basis.

Privileges for primary borrowers include loan of materials, interlibrary loan and materials delivery services, recalls and mail renewal.

1. All full-time or part-time faculty, students and staff (or approved surrogate borrower(s) as requested by the eligible borrower, as in the case of a student with disabilities for example):

Rutgers University (all campuses and divisions including the law schools)

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Piscataway)

New Brunswick Theological Seminary

2. Faculty from other institutions teaching in joint degree programs within Rutgers University

3. Visiting faculty, scholars and lecturers (national and international) upon written request from the appropriate department

4. Retired Rutgers University faculty and staff

Guest Borrowers

While the primary purpose of the Rutgers University Libraries is to support the instructional and research needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the University, certain categories of individuals, by virtue of their association with the University, may be extended guest borrower status at the Libraries.

Guest borrowers have 28 day loan period on all materials. Guest borrowers are NOT eligible for interlibrary loan or materials delivery services, recalls, or mail renewal. Charged items MUST be returned to the library for renewal. Guest borrowing privileges are granted for a one year period and may be renewed annually if the borrowing record is clear.

1. Affiliated Guests

Alumni of: Any degree granting division of Rutgers University

UMDNJ/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Piscataway)

Board of Governors (Members and Trustees)

Contributing and Corporate members of the "Friends of the Rutgers University Libraries"

Senior citizens auditing courses

Life partners of primary borrowers

2. Non-Affiliated Guests

Faculty and students of Thomas A. Edison College

New Jersey Academic Library Network faculty (includes faculty from the member libraries of the Council of New Jersey College and University Library Directors and the Council of Two Year College Librarians/NJ)

Current New Jersey State Legislators (General Assembly and Senate)

Current New Jersey representatives to the U.S. Congress and Senate

Current New Jersey Governor and Cabinet

Faculty of RLAC/OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program

4. Local Campus Guests

The Associate University Librarian for Research and Undergraduate Services, on the advice of local library directors, may approve Guest Borrowing privileges for certain classes of borrowers which are limited to a specific campus or library.

5. Others

Individuals whose ongoing scholarly research needs cannot be met through interlibrary loan (Approved by AUL for Research and Undergraduate Services only)

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