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Public Services Administrative Memo #5

Interlibrary loan borrowing provides Rutgers University faculty, staff, and students with access to materials needed for research but unavailable in the Rutgers University Libraries. The service is administered in accordance with the American Library Association's National Interlibrary Loan Code (1993), the U.S. Copyright Revision Act of the 1976 (17. United States Code.101 et seq.) and in conformance with resource sharing agreements with the Research Libraries Groups, OCLC, and the New Jersey Library Network, and other appropriate special agreements.

Interlibrary loan borrowing requests are accepted in all libraries. After review by local reference staff, requests are handled in either of two ways. The Dana and Robeson libraries process the majority of their requests locally. In New Brunswick all interlibrary loan requests are sent to the Document Delivery Services office located in the Alexander Library. The DDS office also processes requests referred from Robeson and Dan that are unavailable though RLIN.

Interlibrary loan staff in all libraries will make every effort to accommodate rush requests and to make special arrangements for research needs. For example, longer loan periods may be arranged and material not usually available through interlibrary loan may be requested with advanced notice. In the final analysis however, the lending library sets the policy that must be followed by the Document Delivery Services staff, local interlibrary loan staff and the user.

1. Borrowers

Rutgers University Libraries primary borrowers as defined in Public Services Administrative Memo #4 are eligible for this service.

2. Eligible Material

Interlibrary loan requests will be accepted from Rutgers patrons for material:

*not owned by the Libraries

*listed on IRIS as "missing"

*already recalled by another person

*which has been recalled and not returned within 15 days

*long overdue and billed for replacement

*at the bindery

*in poor condition

3. Ineligible Material

Interlibrary loan requests will not be accepted from Rutgers patrons for items:

*on reserve or on reference on the same geographical campus: Camden, Newark, or New Brunswick (all libraries)

*in process that have been received at a RU library or in Central Acquisitions

*more than twice for the same title and same person within the same calendar year

*out on interlibrary loan (recall from borrowing institution)

*in non Roman alphabets without transliteration

4. Charges

The libraries will subsidize borrowing requests up to $20 each. Any fees imposed by lending libraries or commercial document suppliers above this maximum will be discussed with the borrower before the final request is placed.

5. Limits

a maximum of ten requests will be processed each week, per person. If an individual patron submits more than ten in a given week, the requests must be prioritized when submitted to DDS or to the local library interlibrary loan staff.

6. Loan Periods

Loan periods are established by the lending library with 28 days being the usual loan period. The lending library may also designate material for use only within the library. In that event, staff will return the items to DDS on the due date.

7. Renewal

Renewals must be requested before the borrowed item is due. Renewals are granted at the discretion of the lending library.

8. Recalls

Borrowed materials are subject to recall by the lending library. The local library staff may contact the patron directly to request return of the item and/or a recall may be placed on the item by local library staff of DDS staff. Recall fines apply for interlibrary loan materials.

9. Loss

The patron is responsible for all costs associated with lost materials. The lending library assesses the charges for lost items and the changes vary from library to library. Users are responsible for payment of charges levied by the lending library in addition to the standard processing fee accessed (assessed) by the Rutgers University Libraries for lost materials. If the material(s) is(are) lost in transit or after it has been returned to a Rutgers University library, DDS will reimburse the lending library.

10. Overdue Material

Patrons who keep interlibrary loan material past the due date imposed by the lending library are responsible for payment of any charges levied by the lending library and suspension of on-site borrowing privileges at the Rutgers University Libraries.

11. Copyright

The Rutgers University Libraries comply with U.S. Copyright Law and regulation. To insure compliance interlibrary loan forms contain a signature line for patrons requesting photocopies. In cases where requests from an individual violate the copyright law, DDS staff or local library staff will inform the patron and provide alternatives for access to the information.


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