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Public Services Administrative Memo #6

Interlibrary loan lending supplies other libraries with materials needed by their users. Rutgers University Libraries have an obligation to supply materials to other libraries as part of the reciprocal nature of interlibrary loan. The service is administered in accordance with the American Library Association's National Interlibrary Loan Code (1993), the U.S. Copyright Revision Act of the 1976 (17. United States Code.101 et seq.) and in conformance with resource sharing agreements with the Research Libraries Groups, OCLC, and the New Jersey Library Network, and other appropriate special agreements.

Lending requests for all libraries, including Camden and Newark, are received in the Document Delivery Services office located in Alexander Library and forwarded to the appropriate library for filling.

1. Borrowers

Any library may borrow circulating material from the University Libraries. Photocopies of material from the collections are also available, within Copyright restrictions.

2. Transmission of requests

Requests for loan or photocopy are transmitted via the OCLC or RLG interlibrary loan network, telephone, mail, telefacsimile of Ariel. In-person requests (persons carrying Interlibrary Loan forms) are not accepted.

3. Eligible Materials

The University Libraries reserve the right to restrict the loan period, or refuse to lend, any circulating material that is fragile or in demand or that may otherwise need special restriction.

Requests will normally be filled for the following material:

*Books in the circulating collections, including master's theses and doctoral dissertations.

*Photocopies of any material that would not be damaged in the process or restricted by copyright regulation

*Bound periodicals, if the item to be photocopied is over 50 pages and permission is granted from appropriate library staff. Individual issues of periodicals circulate to RLG libraries only.

*Microfilm or microfiche, except for negatives. Up to 12 reels of microfilm may be loaned at one time for a single request and up to 50 duplicated microfiche for a single request.

*In-process materials to RLG libraries only

*Art Library books to RLG or academic libraries only.

4. Ineligible Material

*Materials already on loan to Rutgers patrons

*Newspapers (except those on microfilm)

*Non-circulating items (except at the discretion of the local unit reference librarian) including those items in Reference collections and in the Special Collections and Archives collections.


5. Loan Period

Four weeks

6. Renewal One renewal for a four week period is allowed, if no other request is pending for the material.

7. Recall

All materials loaned are eligible for recall by Rutgers primary borrowers. The recalls will be placed by the DDS staff at the request of local library staff. Recalls will be transmitted to the borrowing library by the fastest method possible.

8. Delivery

Items are transported via United Parcel Service, Federal Express, first class mail, Comet delivery service (within New Jersey) or transmitted via Ariel or telefacsimile.

9. Loss/replacement

Document Delivery Service will issue bills for the replacement of lost books and the payment will be deposited into the appropriate local library replacement book fund account.

10. Fees

Fees will be charged for books loaned or photocopies made to fill requests from libraries who are not members of the Research Libraries Group ShaRes program or the New Jersey Library network. consult the Document Delivery Services "Borrowing Procedures and Fee Schedule" for current fees.


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