Public Services Administrative Memo #13
Library Service During Adverse Weather conditions


This memo details the Libraries' policy and procedures for implementing the university's weather policy as contained in University Regulation 3.6.17.

Three adverse weather situations are described in the university regulation: inclement weather, weather alert, and weather emergency.

"Inclement Weather" is defined as weather conditions that appear to make travel hazardous for a particular employee but are not declared by the university as a "Weather Emergency" or a "Weather Alert." During inclement weather, all library units are to remain open and function normally.

A "Weather Alert" is defined as a specific period of time lasting for a portion of a day or a full day when there is a severe snowstorm, hurricane, flood, tornado, etc. in the area of the university or any of its campuses that makes transportation a problem in the respective university locations. During a weather alert, all library units are to remain open and provide normal services to the fullest extent possible.

A "Weather Emergency" is defined as a period of hazardous weather conditions (blizzard, hurricane, tornado, flood, etc.) during which travel is recognized as an imminent danger to life and property in the area of the university or any of its campuses. During a weather emergency, all library units on closed campus(es) are closed. No employees are to report for work.

Rules pertaining to individual employee attendance and the details of how time is charged for each of these conditions are contained in the regulation, a copy of which is attached.

In all cases, the university administration notifies the University Librarian when adverse weather conditions are declared. The University Librarian or her designee will consult with Cabinet members, and Cabinet members will notify affected personnel of any adjustments in hours or closings.

Broadcast messages about campus closings will be available from Rutgers INFO Radio 530 AM and WCTC 1450 AM. Sample announcements are attached. Recorded messages are available at 732/932-INFO (New Brunswick) or 973/353-1766 (Newark). Information may also be given on the Rutgers Daily News page at

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