Office of the Assistant University Librarian for Public Services
Public Services Administrative Memo #14, revised 3/10/89

Rutgers University Libraries maintain memberships in consortia and have special cooperative and affiliated arrangements with libraries and agencies in order to provide access to scholarly material for the Rutgers community. Arrangements vary.

RESEARCH LIBRARIES GROUP: Rutgers' membership in the research Libraries Group allows members of the Rutgers University Community access to the collections of other members. Access includes the privilege of using materials in the building, and some libraries allow borrowing. (Consult the RLG Shared Resources Manual for details.)

Where building access is controlled, on-site visitors will be asked to present their Rutgers valid ID card. Additional identification may be requested when a picture ID is not used.

Where stack access is controlled, faculty and graduate students showing a valid ID will be accorded stack access under the same policies applied to local faculty and graduate students. Visiting undergraduates may or may not be granted stack access.

Everyone should be encouraged to visit during regular business hours. A telephone call in advance may be needed to confirm library hours.

On-site access policies do not apply to alumni, retired faculty (expect emeritus), fee borrowers, or faculty and students of affiliated institutions.

ONLINE COMPUTER LIBRARY CENTER RESEARCH LIBRARIES ADVISORY COMMITTEE: The Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program allows borrowing privileges and on-site access to faculty members of participating institutions. Brochures with a current list of participants are available at each Reference Department or from the Office of the Assistant University Librarian for Public Services.

When Rutgers faculty wish to use a participating institution, Rutgers librarians will search the OCLC Name-Address Directory for the policies of the institution of interest and issue the proper ID card for an appropriate period. The Circulation

Patron file must be consulted to determine that the Rutgers borrowing record is clear.

PRINCETON: All Rutgers University faculty and students can obtain access to Firestone and most Princeton libraries by showing a valid ID at the Access Office at Firestone Library. You may reach the Access Officer at (609) 258-5737

Access Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 1pm; 2pm - 5pm Saturday 9am - 12 noon; 1pm - 5pm Closed Sunday

A limited number of Princeton borrowing cards may be granted to active (not retired) full time faculty who do not reside in Princeton. Apply to the Office of the Rutgers Assistant University Librarian for Public Services. When granted these cards expire on June 30 of each year and are not automatically renewed.

Full time Rutgers faculty who reside in Princeton Village or Borough are granted borrowing privileges upon application directly to the Access Office at Princeton.

NEW JERSEY ACADEMIC LIBRARY NETWORK (NJALN): An agreement with the New Jersey Academic Library Network for reciprocal borrowing for full time faculty, became effective September 6, 1988. The institutions are: Glassboro State College, Jersey City State College, Kean State College, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Ramapo College of New Jersey, Stockton State college, Trenton State College, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, William Patterson State College.

Borrowers will be registered and statistical class NJALN and privileges will be the same as all other Guest borrowers. There is no automatic renewal of these privileges, a new letter must be presented each academic year. These letters will bear the letterhead of the specific institution to which the faculty member belongs.

A copy of the validation letter to be shown by eligible NJALN faculty and a list of the Circulation librarians who are the contact persons at each of the ten NJALN institutions is in appendix 2.

Full time Rutgers faculty will be granted borrowing privileges at the same ten institutions. A valid Rutgers ID must be presented each year.

NEW BRUNSWICK THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY: The Gardner A. Sage Library is affiliated with the Rutgers University Libraries in several ways. Rutgers University faculty and graduate students have open access to the Seminary's collections and are accorded borrowing privileges. Undergraduate students may be referred to the Seminary to satisfy information needs that cannot be met at a Rutgers Library. A standard form letter is available at the Reference Desk of most libraries. The form must also be signed by a Circulation staff member to confirm the fact that the patron is a valid Rutgers student in good standing.

Occasionally the Seminary library may place material on Reserve for the use of a Rutgers undergraduate course. In that case a reserve roster will be kept at the Seminary library and a referral letter will not be needed.

Material cataloged on RLIN by the Seminary is part of the Rutgers bibliographical record. Since the copies on the Circulation system are not barcoded the message "ask at Reference" will appear until the Online Catalog is available.

Rutgers University Libraries handle Interlibrary Loan borrowing for the Seminary and the lending of Seminary material on the RLG Interlibrary Loan subsystem. The RLIN location indicator is NJRT.

AMERICAN HUNGARIAN FOUNDATION: The Hungarian Research Center Library is affiliated with the Rutgers University Libraries. Material cataloged on RLIN by the Hungarian Research Center Library is part of the Rutgers bibliographical record. Since the copies on the Circulation system are not barcoded the message "Ask at Reference" will appear until the Online Catalog is available. Rutgers University Libraries handle Interlibrary Loan borrowing for the Research Center Library and the lending of material on the RLG Interlibrary Loan subsystem. The RLIN location indicator in NJRW.

The collection of the Hungarian Research Center Library is non- circulating, except for some ILL. The library is located at 177 Somerset Street in New Brunswick. Students and faculty of Rutgers may visit the facility, but since hours are limited, they should call (846-5777) to make specific arrangements.

WHITMAN LIBRARY: Part of Whitman House and run by the Walt Whitman Association in Camden, the library holds writings by and about Walt Whitman. All holdings are cataloged in RLIN and listed in RLIN with the general location indicator NJRG. The location shown in the Rutgers bibliographic record is WHITM. All material is non-circulating and must be consulted on-site in Camden.

For hours and to make arrangements for a visit call the Curator, Eleanor Ray at (609) 541-3280 or (609) 964-5383.

LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS: Special arrangements for access and borrowing by local faculty and students may be made by a Library Director on approval of the University Librarian and may involve specific reciprocal arrangements. Newark presently has such agreements with CHEN (Council for Higher Education in Newark) and CECLS (County of Essex Cooperating Libraries System). Camden has arrangements with certain Philadelphia libraries.

October 8, 1990

TO: SACOPS Members

FROM: Margie Epple Coordinator for Interlibrary Services

SUBJECT: Revision to Public Services Administrative Memo #14

Please replace the current Appendix 2 PSA Memo #14 with the enclosed list of library contacts and alert circulation staff about the revision.

As you are aware from discussions at SACOPS and the Circulation Subcommittee the Libraries have entered into a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Council of Two-year College Libraries to allow the faculty of the libraries listed in the Appendix direct borrowing privileges at the Libraries. Rutgers faculty now have borrowing privileges at the college and university libraries listed on the attached sheet.

This new agreement is in addition to the agreement already in place with the New Jersey Academic Library Network which established reciprocal borrowing privileges between Rutgers faculty and the libraries of the 4-year college library members of NJALN.

The list combines the libraries from both agreements into one list. The guest category for patrons qualifying for these privileges continues to be NJALN even though it incorporates both groups.

PSA Memo 14 is under revision and a new Memo will be sent shortly. All procedures for registering faculty from these institutions remain the same and a letter from the home library is still required before borrowing privileges are granted.

Please call me if you or your staff have any questions.

PSA Memo #14



Faculty FROM RLAC, OCLC institutions CIRCULATION: 1. Examine ID card from OCLC PROGRAM 2. Issue GUEST CARD to expire on date on ID 3. Enter message in Note Field: OCLC RLAC Program (initials) 4. Send RLAC OCLC form to E. Greenberg's office (forms attached). 5. Order 5 new signed cards from E. Greenberg's office when only two remain.


1. Provide faculty member with a copy of the brochure explaining the program

2. Search OCLC Name-Address Directory for the policies of the institution of interest

3. If needed, issue the ID card to the faculty member for an appropriate period.

4. Send RLAC OCLC form to E. Greenberg's office (forms attached).

5. Order 5 new signed cards from E. Greenberg's office when only two remain


To:  E. Greenberg                       From:     Library__________________
     University Libraries Administration
     Alexander Library, CAC                       Dept.____________________




NAME___________________________    NAME____________________________________

DEPARTMENT_____________________    INSTITUTION_____________________________

INSTITUTION TO BE VISITED______    ________________________________________

_______________________________    DEPARTMENT______________________________

EXPIRATION DATE_______________     EXPIRATION DATE_________________________


*Wherever possible phone numbers, contact names, etc. updated 5/96.   

Appendix 2


Circulation Contact Person

The faculty from the colleges listed below are entitled to guest borrowing privileges at any of the University Libraries under the reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Council of Two-Year College Libraries and the New Jersey Academic Library Network. Consult the Borrower's Chart for specific procedures for entering patron records for qualified borrowers with this status.

Atlantic Community College
Sandra Meischer

Bergen Community College
Donna Singer

Burlington County College
Judith Olsen
609-894-9311, ext. 222

Camden County College
Joan Getaz, Director
609-601-8600, ext. 263

County College of Morris
John M. Cohn

Cumberland County College
James Luther, Director
609-791-8600, ext. 263

Essex County College
Debra Jackson

Gloucester County College
Pat Hirsekorn
609-468-5000, ext. 321

Hudson County Community College
Grace Patterson

Jersey City State College
Forrest A. Irwin Library
2039 Kennedy Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ 07305
Grace Bulaong, Gary Peacock

Kean State College
Nancy Thompson Library
Morris Avenue
Union, NJ 07083
Gene Rhie

Mercer County Community College
Josie Schaible
609-586-4800, ext. 561

Middlesex County College
Abigail Studdiford

Montclair State College
Harry A. Sprague Library
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
Leonard Viggiano

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Robert W. Van Houten Library 
323 King Blvd.
Newark, NJ 07102
Doreen Mettle

Ocean County College
Mary Dobbs
908-255-0400, ext. 2354

Passaic County Community College
Chris Dunham

Ramapo College of New Jersey
505 Ramapo Valley Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Jane Bennett

Raritan Valley Community College
Adele Barree

Rowan State College (formerly Glassboro)
Savitz Library
William Garrabrant
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Salem Community College
Joan Oliver
609-299-2100, ext. 653

Stockton State College
Pomona, NJ 08240
Gwen Govia

Sussex County College
Dr. Peter Panos

Trenton State College
Roscoe L. West Library
Pennington Road, CN 4700
Trenton, NJ 08650-4700
Debra Bailey, Suprvs. Circ.

Union County College
John Holdorf

University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
George F. Smith Library
100 Bergen Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Melvin White

Warren County Community College
Lynea Anderman
908-835-2336, ext. 431

William Paterson State College
Sarah Byrd Askew Library
300 Pompton Road
Wayne, NJ 07470
Yvonne Roux


     This is to verify that                                        is a
current, full-time faculty member, in good standing of this institution. 
As per our agreement, please extend Rutgers University Libraries Guest
Borrowing privileges to this individual.

                         Director of Library Services
                         Head of Circulation


     The Rutgers University Libraries are making a significant
contribution to the State of New Jersey by extending borrowing
privileges to all members of the New Jersey Academic Library
     "State College faculty can now directly use the Rutgers'
Libraries.  This is consistent with Rutgers increasing role as a
statewide research source," stated Dr. Joanne Euster, University
     Effective September 6, 1988, each faculty member in an NJALN
institution can obtain a standard letter at his institution's
library and when this letter is presented at any Rutgers Library
a borrowing card will be issued.  Reciprocal borrowing has also
been extended to the Rutgers faculty, as they will be able to
present a valid ID at any of the other ten participating
institutions throughout the state.
     This policy was adopted this spring in response to a request
from the New Jersey Academic Library Network, an association of
State college Libraries.  Even though Rutgers library materials
have long been available to faculty through Interlibrary Loan,
this new policy will expedite borrowing by NJALN faculty.


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