Office of the Assistant University Librarian for Public Services
Public Services Administrative Memo #16

All library materials and/or the information they contain will be made available at any Rutgers University Library site.

To that end, all library material will normally be loaned or copied depending on the individual user's need. Special conditions may apply to materials which are fragile, rare, have restricted access, etc. In that case, appropriate arrangements will be made.

Material shared among Rutgers libraries should be handled in the most expeditious manner - intra-library loan, telefacsimile, etc.

Approved: University Librarian, on advice of Cabinet 10-24-88


To:       Standing Advisory Committee on Public Services
          Librarian's Cabinet

From:     Evelyn Greenberg
          Assistant University Librarian for Public Services

Re:       Attached Appendix to PSA Memo #16

          In addition to distributing this Appendix to the memo
dealing with sharing resources to all staff holding a file of the
public service policies, please advise all appropriate persons
that I am ordering the NOTIFY REFERENCE stamps mentioned in the
memo and will distribute them to all libraries

Public Services Administrative Memo #16 Appendix 1


Non-circulating items are sent among libraries on different geographic campuses (Camden, New Brunswick, Newark). All such items will be restricted to IN LIBRARY USE (unless otherwise specified) in the borrowing library.

1. In all cases the Materials Delivery Service (MDS) request form will be sued to record pertinent data and be sent with the material to identify it in transit and on its arrival. NOTIFY REFERENCE will be stamped on the form in a prominent spot for al transactions involving non-circulating material.

2. All libraries requesting non-circulating material will fax the MDS form to the lending library.

3. All lending libraries will process requested loans and copies in order to take advantage of the next mail pick-up.

4. Non-on-shelf responses should be marked on the MDS form and faxed back to the requesting library.

BOOKS (Monographs, Classed Serials, Documents, etc.)

1. Charge all books out on IRIS. Patron is xxx Library - Materials Delivery. Override the non-circulating status of REFERENCE.

2. Set loan period at a minimum of 3 days. An overdue notice to the borrowing library will be generated on the tenth day after charging if the material has not been returned and discharged.

3. Lending library must discharge the material when returned.


When faxing of Tables of Contents is not suitable, keep a photocopy of the MDS form as a manual record for an issue or bound volume sent.


1. If a copy of material in answer to a reference question is faxed, the MDS form, stamped NOTIFY REFERENCE, is the transmittal form.

2. If a copy of material in answer to a reference questions is sent regular delivery, the MDS form is used as cover sheet.


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