Annual Report 2000-2001
Public Services and Communications

Jeanne E. Boyle, Associate University Librarian for Public Services & Communications

Public services and communications activities during academic year 2000/01 continued to support the instructional and research needs of Rutgers students and faculty as well as the information needs of the broader Rutgers community and the general public. The area reports that follow this introduction detail the many accomplishments that librarians and staff achieved systemwide.

The statistical trends of recent years continued, with online services increasing and most onsite services declining. Use of Ask a Librarian (+27%) and electronic reserves (+42%) grew dramatically, with 10,300 documents placed on electronic reserve, almost double the number of the previous year. Such new services as subsidized online document delivery provided new measures, with 363 articles faxed directly to users at their office, lab, or home. Over 800 pages were added to the Libraries' website, which was visited by tens of thousands of information seekers. Basic service measures remain high, with 259,301 reference and directional questions answered, 708 instruction sessions for 14,433 students, 590,000 items loaned, and 18,407 books and articles received on interlibrary loan.

A number of events and programs were held throughout the year. Workshop sessions for Early English Books Online (EEBO), ScienceDirect, and Dow Jones Interactive were held on each of the three major campuses. The workshops featured a professional trainer from the database vendor or producer. A teleconference about the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) was also sponsored. Friends of the Rutgers University Libraries activities are detailed in the communications coordinator's report.

Librarians and staff throughout the library system participated in a variety of professional activities, presenting papers at both national and statewide conferences, and contributed to global digital developments hrough such activities as testing interoperability between interlibrary loan systems.

Academic year 1999/2000 has once again given us a record in which everyone should take pride.

Jeanne E. Boyle
Associate University Librarian for Public Services and Communications

Access and Interlibrary Services
Judy Gardner, Head, University Libraries Access and Interlibrary Services

Digital Initiatives And Enhancements

Instructional Support

Outreach Activities

New Service Enhancements

External Support

Facilities Improvements

Ask a Librarian
Natalie Borisovets, Coordinator

Digital Initiatives And New Service Enhancements


Harry Glazer, Coordinator

Outreach Activities

Friends of the Rutgers University Libraries

Publications and Special Events

Copy Services
Donna Cryan, Supervisor

Copy services is continually examining its equipment and personnel needs in all locations and adapting its personnel requirements to the changing needs of our patrons. We have integrated digital technology into all of our operations and continually update the skills of our staff members to accommodate these changes. Our major accomplishments this past year reflect the importance of these objectives.

Digital Initiatives

Instructional Support



New Service Enhancements

Facilities Improvements


Instructional Services Committee
Jeris Cassel and Leslie Murtha, Chairs

Members of the Instructional Services Committee were Vibiana Bowman, Jeris Cassel (chair, 1998 - 2000), Scott Hines, Sam McDonald, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Leslie Murtha (chair, 2001-), Eileen Stec, Julie Still, and Roberta Tipton.

Digital Initiatives

Outreach Activities


Library Community

Community Outreach

Instructional Support

Facilities Improvements

Public Services Council
Jeanne Boyle, Chair

Web Advisory Committee
Rebecca Gardner, Chair

Web Advisory Committee members were Ka-Neng Au, Vibiana Bowman, Jeanne Boyle, Constantia Constantinou, Rebecca Gardner (chair), Brian Hancock, Sara Harrington, Theo Haynes, Dave Hoover, Marty Kesselman, Sam McDonald, Leslie Murtha, and Pat Piermatti.

Digital Initiatives

Web Services
Samuel J. Macdonald, Webmaster

The care-and-feeding of a very large service-oriented website goes beyond simply adding new Web pages. A great deal of time is also dedicated to the revision and maintenance of existing content; maintaining the underlying code and architecture, including documentation; and planning future changes and additions. The website is stable, very highly used, and is always improving as new projects are being planned and developed.

Digital Initiatives

New Additions

Maintenance Tasks

Upcoming Changes

Other Updates


Access And Interlibrary Services Statistics, 2000/01

Copy Services Statistics, 2000/01

Public Services Council Recommendation Log, Ay 2001

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