Systemwide Scanning Architecture

The recommended pattern of work and equipment assignment is based on the numbers of items on reserve, if the library is a direct interlibrary loan participant, and the Rutgers Request Service volume. Libraries with the largest overall volume of work in these areas would receive separate equipment for sending and receiving in multiple locations. Libraries with small overall volumes would receive a single workstation for combined tasks.

Library / Location Scanning Tasks Equipment Configuration
Electronic Reserves Interlibrary Loan Rutgers Request Service Ariel Workstation Overhead Scanner
Send Receive Send Receive
Alexander (including East Asian)              
Access Services       X X   X
Copy Center X X         X
Copy Center X X         X*
Interlibrary Services     X     X*  
Annex   X   X X    
Art   X   X X X  
Chang Science   X   X X   X
Chemistry   X   X X X  
Center for Alcohol Studies   X   X X X  
Douglass (including Music)   X   X X X  
Kilmer (including Media)   X   X X X  
Mathematical Sciences   X   X X X  
Physics   X   X X X  
Library of Science and Medicine              
Interlibrary Services X X   X     X*
Interlibrary Services     X   X X*  
SMLR   X   X X X  
Robeson X X X X X X* X
Dana (including IJS) X X X X X X* X

* Indicates existing equipment. The Chang Science Library has an Ariel workstation that would be redeployed.

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