NBL Departments


Service Point Team – examines services points (physical and virtual) in order to improve user experience across the New Brunswick Libraries.


Instruction & Information Literacy Team – coordinates library information literacy offerings for undergraduates through programs such as English Writing, FIGS, Aresty, STS and the Honors College. Serves as a resource for best practices in information literacy instruction and provides professional development and other training opportunities to further information literacy teaching competencies throughout the Libraries.

Global Experience Team – facilitates engagement with the Libraries and access to library resources for students and faculty joining RU from abroad as well as those students and faculty studying, teaching and conducting research internationally. Collaborates broadly with stakeholders throughout the university to integrate the Libraries into programs supporting these populations.


  • Continue to advocate for an RUL presence in material s produced for students and faculty by the GAIA Centers and other global units and programs.
  • Participate in international student orientations by providing handouts for student packets and coordinating information sessions and tours.

Undergraduate Experience Team – facilitates and enhances undergraduate engagement with the Libraries. This includes but is not limited to coordinating events such as Welcome Days and Stressbusters, liaising with undergraduate academic affairs to provide services to programs such as McNair, and helping to involve student government in library issues.


Graduate and Faculty Services – plans and executes services targeted to advanced researchers, whether broad-based or in specific fields. Examples include citation management, literature searching, research collaboration, and topical discussions. This group ensures that ideas and best practices are shared and encouraged among liaison librarians.

Content – oversees collections resources made available at the New Brunswick level and ensures that these resources meet researcher needs. Works with systemwide groups to coordinate and provide input representing the New Brunswick perspective.

Research Data Outreach – educates, trains, and works with researchers on developing data management plans, responsible handling of data, sharing of data and deposit of data in repositories. Collaborates with Rutgers data initiatives, such as the VDC, and works with Rutgers groups relevant to research data such as the Office of Research and Economic Development.

Scholarly Communication and Open Access – develops programs and supports researchers in New Brunswick on a wide range of issues in scholarly communication and open access. This could include, but is not limited to, continued support of the implementation of the RU OA Policy via SOAR throughout NB, providing assistance with outreach for ORCID and identity management, discussions around open educational resources, remaining up to date on scholarly communication issues in LIS, collaborating with various NB campus partners, and reporting on evolving forms of scholarly communication (such as new metrics, library publishing and more). The team will provide a forum for discussion of relevant issues of interest to NBL librarians and staff.

Research Spaces – explores researcher needs and plans services for new and re-imagined spaces that enable research-focused training and collaboration.  This can encompass existing services provided in the Fordham Lab and Digital Humanities Lab.  The team may also develop concepts for future spaces such as a Data Analytics Lab, Science Collaboratory, bookless libraries, and QQGIS Lab (Quantitative, Qualititative and GIS in the Social Sciences).

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