Preservation Strategic Planning

Preservation Mission: Insure continuous and long-term access to critical information resources in the Libraries' collections.

Introduction: An insurance appraisal conducted for Risk Management in the spring of 1999 indicated that the replacement cost for printed books and journals, and microforms housed in the major libraries (Alexander, LSM, Kilmer, Douglass, Dana, and Robeson,) excluding rare material, manuscript collections, and all other formats, was more than $500,000,000. The collections the Libraries have acquired for more than a century represent a major asset of the university. Preserving the critical information contained in this major asset is an essential component of the stewardship of our collections. The growing importance and volume of digital resources present new challenges to preservation. While progress has been made since the issuing of the Preservation Planning Task Force Report, "Reinvestment In Knowledge: Preservation Of Library Materials In The Rutgers University Libraries" (May 2001), the Libraries have not yet made a commitment to preservation on a scale anywhere near to that of comparable academic research libraries. A key issue for strategic planning is to determine if the Libraries are willing to make new commitment to preservation and, if so, on what scale.

The Preservation Committee of the Collection Development Council assumes such a commitment will be made and has outlined key elements for a preservation strategic plan. It recognizes the need for dedicated staffing and financial resources to carryout this commitment. Such resources can be attained through internal reorganization and new funding from the university as well as grants and fundraising.

The strategic directions for preservation in the next five years include the following:

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