Strategic Directions for Technical and Automated Services

Systemwide technical and automated services activities support the mission of the Rutgers University Libraries to provide effective stewardship of scholarly information and the delivery of quality information services. Responsibilities in this area include the acquisition and cataloging of information resources and the development of a repository infrastructure to acquire, preserve and provide long-term access to the intellectual property that is owned or created by Rutgers University and strategic collaborators. Strategic directions are provided for two areas: Technical and Automated Services and Digital Repository Development

Technical and Automated Services:

Digital Repository Development

The Rutgers Digital Repository will preserve and make accessible the intellectual output of the university and its strategic partners, particularly the state of New Jersey. Activities of the Digital Repository include the creation, storage, preservation, description, access and display of information and provision of information services. Digital Repository users will include Rutgers faculty, staff and students, as well as scholars and students worldwide. Strategic activities of the repository are:

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