PC Working Group (PCWG): Description and Purpose

The PC Working Group has an integral relationship with the Libraries' Integrated Information Systems Department, specifically with respect to the function and maintenance of microcomputers and microcomputer networks within the libraries. Members bring knowledge of local area needs, experiences, and solutions to the larger group in order to facilitate improvements and new initiatives system-wide.


The PC Working Group was established as an outgrowth of the planning document, "Personal Computers in the Rutgers University Libraries" prepared by the Systems Department in August 1984.


The PC Working Group is composed of:

The Chair of PCWG will serve a two year term and will be selected by the members at the beginning of the fiscal year, or may be appointed by the Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems. Any member may serve as chair.


Reporting Relationship

The PC Working Group reports to the User Services Council, with additional oversight provided by the Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems.

Housekeeping Functions

Meetings are regularly scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month. Meeting agendas will be prepared and distributed to the membership and to the rul_everyone mailing list in advance of each meeting. Draft meeting minutes will be submitted to the membership for review within 3 days of the meeting, with additions and corrections submitted to the Chair. Consensus will be reached and a final copy will be submitted within 7 days by the Chair to the RU Libraries community via the rul_everyone mailing list.

Policies and guidelines established by PCWG will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

An annual report will be submitted to the Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems.

Role of the PC Coordinator

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