Minutes of May 21, 2002 Meeting

abutman, sbartz, ibeard, mbelasco, dcryan, ngonzaga, kkuehl


Chang is the last remaining library to have elf machines installed. Installation will begin 5/27 and should be done by 5/29.

8 of the 46 ACIC machines were earmarked to replace machines belonging to staff RIAS users whose machines did not meet the software requirements. Installation of RIAS machines has begun and will be completed by 5/24.

The SERC transitioned to RUNET wiring on 5/16.
Alexander's 3rd floor will transition on or about 5/29

Nick set the target date for Novell servers to be upgraded is 9/1/02. Common drives and home directories on the new servers will be subject to space quotas based on personal/departmental needs. The criteria for these quotas will be discussed at a future meeting.

Please ask people from your unit who are retiring or resigning to review files on common drives and home directories and delete and save files accordingly.

Polycom Viewstation h323 video conferencing equipment purchased with elf funding will be arriving sometime this summer. The goal is to have it installed and ready for use by 9/02. Alexander, Camden, Newark and TAS will be receiving equipment. PCWG members are encouraged to become familiar with the equipment.


Grace Agnew elaborated on her vision for the pc management plan. In essence, it is the charge of the PCWG to determine, based on priority of need as outlined from inventories, the order of replacement for workstations. Attached is a document Grace handed out that outlines the plan itself. The plan should be in effect by 8/31/02. In an effort to get the ACIC and higher end Dell's moving quickly, items 8-10 of the plan can be done for these machines ahead of time. Also attached is a document Chris Sterback provided outlining the specs for Sirsi workstations.

Isaiah Beard is creating an Access inventory template that he will submit to the PCWG_ list. Over the next 2 weeks, PCWG representatives will complete the template for their specific areas. Grant funded machines and their conditions should be identified on the inventory PCWG will meet again on 6/4 at 10:00 to go over these inventories and they will be merged and given to Grace to bring to Tech Services Council on 6/6. If anyone is not going to be able to do their area please let Anne Butman know so that she can assign the area to Systems staff to inventory.

The following are URL's Grace provided to illustrate how other institutions implemented plans and their different configurations.



It was decided that the heading will be PCWG Best Practices and Nick will ask Dave Hoover to get approval from WAC to have a link for this site off the Staff Resources page.

No new business was discussed

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