Minutes of August 20, 2002 Meeting

S. Bartz, D. Kuzma, M. Belasco, K. Kuehl, A. Joachim, D. Cryan, N. Gonzaga, A. Butman, I. Beard, M. Giarlo

The new servers have arrived and the existing servers hardware and operating systems will be upgraded between now and mid September. First to be upgraded will be libkilmer, libtsb, libdana, libcamden and libchang. These servers are currently running Novell 4.1 and will be upgraded to 6.1. Following these upgrades will be libalex, libdouglass, libalchl and liblsm which will go from Novell 5.1 to 6.1. The hardware will be upgraded at the same time the software is upgraded. It was suggested that people go through common and departmental directories and clean up as much as possible. Home and shared directory space will be restricted. Home directories will begin at 10mb, departmental and group directories will begin at 500mb. If a user reaches their limit they should contact Nick Gonzaga about getting more space.

Video Conferencing software and hardware is here. It is slated for installation at Alexander, Robeson, Dana and TSB in mid September after the servers have been upgraded.

The Coordinating Committee suggested that a link to the Best Practices page be put on the Training and Development site.

A question about speakers on public machines being disabled was raised. They had been muted on all machines however for a user to be able to use headphones they need to uncheck the mute box. This change is not reversed at boot so if sound is a problem you should go to Start/Programs/Accessories/Volume Control and put a check in the box next to Mute all under the Volume Control option.

All public machines will be re-imaged by the beginning of the fall semester. Machines will also be labeled by number for identification purposes.

$109,000.00 was allocated by Cabinet for the first installment of the PC Replacement plan. This will facilitate the replacement of 77 machines throughout the system. It was decided that subgroups for NB units and system wide units will meet to discuss where specific machines for their respective units will go. Machines that can be trickled down as a result of the new purchases will and their new locations will be handled internally by the units PC Coordinator. PC Coordinators will be told once a new machine or swap is installed and they will update the inventory accordingly. Nothing below E-3200s and Dell Optiplex GX 110 will be trickled down. A copy of the specs for the new machine follows if there are any issues please contact Anne Butman by Friday so that the order can go out this week.

Dell Optiplex GX260 small desktop with optional stand, PIV 2Ghz processor, 512 mb memory, Dell 17" monitor with 32mb ATI Radeon 7500 integrated video board, 10/100/1000gb internal NIC, 20gb hard drive, 32x DVD-CDRW combo drive, serial port adapter, Win2K Pro SP2 NTFS, 3yr warranty.

The remaining ACIC machines will be distributed as follows:
New Brunswick 20
Newark 4
Camden 2
System Wide 10

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_02-08-20.shtml
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