Minutes of January 21, 2003 Meeting

K. Au, S. Bartz, M. Belasco, A. Butman, D. Cryan, N. Gonzaga, K. Kuehl, J. Maxymuk, K. McGuire, D. Voorhees.

1. Systems Update

Among the PC Plan machines to be installed are in New Brunswick, 8 in Newark and 10 or 11 systemwide. These should be done by mid March.

Nick is working on the ALEX server upgrade.

Systems did not re-image the public machines as planned because Foolproof is incompatible with Netscape 7. In addition, Internet Explorer does not work in accessing certain RULS indexes and journals. Ann B. will send a list of these journals to PCWG.

2. PCWG Documentation

John will update the PCWG Charge with agreed-upon changes and send the new document to Sam McDonald for posting.

We finished discussing Microcomputer Support in the Rutgers University Libraries. Ann B. will update the software/hardware support section and forward the electronic file to John. John will add that to the changes PCWG agreed to on the roles/responsibilities section. The fully updated file will be forwarded to Grace Agnew before it is posted to the web site.

3. Old/New Business

The issue of emailing TIFF files from microform scanners was discussed.

Donna Cryan announced she is retiring at the end of June. Darryl Voorhees will take over her PC Coordinator duties for Copy Services.

7. Future Meeting Dates

The next meetings are scheduled for February 18, March 18, April 15, and May 20. As usual on Tuesday, 10AM in the TSB Conference Room.

Recorded by John Maxymuk

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_03-01-23.shtml
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