Minutes of October 19, 2004 Meeting

K. Au, A Butman, N. Gonzaga, T. Joachim, P. Johnson, K. Kuehl, D. Kuzma, J. Maxymuk (via teleconference), K. McGuire.

1. Systems Update

There have been problems with some staff members machines being bogged down with adware and spyware. If the problem becomes chronic on any machine, then Internet Explorer will be disabled on that machine since Explorer is much more susceptible to this problem than Mozilla.

Anne reminded everyone to put in a ticket for Systems to pick up surplus equipment, and they then will dispose of it.

Most networked printers are now connected via IP address.

Anne will email PCWG the draft wording of a message regarding Systems intent to reimage the machine of new employees in their first week on the job.

2. New Ticket System

Anne gave us a demonstration of the new Trouble Ticket system.

3. Public Image Changes

The deadline for suggesting changes to next semester's image is November 1. The new image will feature a Powerpoint viewer and two Luna icons one for open use and one for password-restricted use. Passwords for the restricted area will be controlled by individual professors.

CDs must be Direct CD formatted to be used to save files from public machines.

4. Flash Drives

The group discussed potential problems of students using the flash drives to save work from public machines. The drives are to be sold by the copy center.

5. Future Meeting Dates

The next meeting is scheduled for November 16. As usual, on Tuesday, 10AM in the TSB Conference Room.

Recorded by John Maxymuk

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_04-10-19.shtml
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