Minutes of February 15, 2005 Meeting

K. McGuire, P. Johnson, N. Gonzaga, K. Kuehl, M. Wilt, M. Belasco, A. Butman, D. Voorhees, S. Lee, S. Bartz, J. Gibson

Systems Update

The images for the Dana and LSM e-classes have been created. The classrooms will be updated during spring break.

The issue of LPTOne not functioning correctly on certain machines is being worked on with the vendor.

Training Update

Documentation run through with staff members went well. Some more definitive information was requested by testers such as:

"Who to Contact" document will be updated to reflect necessary changes/updates.

Testers recommended changing order of links on Best Practices page for better functionality. Links will be made available in alphabetical order according to subject.

M. Ansberger, currently working with OIT on updating documentation, will let Marilyn know when all updates are complete and documentation will be made available via links from Best Practices page.

Old Business

Supported Software list will be updated to reflect the addition of Scorch, Windows Media Player and View Point Image Viewer plug-ins as well as UPS Worldship software. Camtasia software will be added to the list of partially supported software.

Supported Hardware list will be updated to reflect addition of digital cameras that are recommended by Systems.

List Serve documentation. There was some discussion about what lists should be included in documentation.

New Business

J. Gibson brought up the use of Polycomm PVX software on machines for video conferencing and whether that software needed to be certified by NJEdge. N. Gonzaga stated that only Polycomm view stations and Tanberg units are considered "End Points" and need to be certified. Software, such as PVX, running on individual machines serving a small number of users does not need certification.

J. Gibson requested that the currently available list of video conferencing machines IP addresses be updated and made available online. N. Gonzaga will take care of updating the list. It will be made available on the Best Practices site and N. Gonzaga will speak with S. Ellis about making a link available somewhere in the BookRoom site.

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