Minutes of April 17, 2007 Meeting

S. Bartz, A. Butman, B. Golon, P. Johnson, J. Maxymuk, K. McGuire, R Sandler and C. Singh.

1. Systems Update

Thanks to the RU-PC-Purchase plan, over 140 new pcs will be ordered to upgrade older machines throughout RUL. None of the new machines will have floppy drives. One of Systems goals is to transition all faculty and staff machines to private address space by the end of the year. In conjunction with the transition, all fac/staff machines capable of handling the operating system will be upgraded to XP, and have their Office suite upgraded to Office 2007.

All requests for changes to the public image should be submitted by July 1st.

The J-Client will replace C-Client in most instances by the end of the year. Departments throughout RUL are currently coordinating training for their folks as a result of this migration. Because the Bookings module for the J-Client has not yet been released so Media will not be moving to the new client for at least another year.

The ILLiad server has been installed and Atlas has been given access to begin installing the ILLiad software. Training will be held on 6/5 and from that date the system will go live for lending with borrowing going live at a later date. Systems will install ILLiad client software prior to training so that staff will be ready to go right after training.

2. Public Machine Authentication

To follow up on Public Services Council approving authentication for as many public machines as each unit wishes it, Anne will draft a proposal for next month's meeting to outline how Systems will institute this. Anne indicated that authentication could be based on Net ID although some libraries such as Camden and LSM have academic populations that do not have NET IDs. There was some discussion on how these communities of users would be granted access. Some ideas that followed were that not all publics authenticate and these users use non authenticating machines.

For next month's meeting, PC Coordinators need to ascertain how many, if any, public machines in their units are candidates for authentication. Anne emphasized that no logs will be kept and that there will be no tracking of users' sessions.

3. Network Downtime

After an incident involving a significant number of users being inconvenienced by a network outage on 4/26 the policy of announcing network downtime was discussed. This incident occurred within OIT's weekly maintenance window of Thursday from 5-10pm. In the past Systems has sent out announcements only when work, regardless of impact, falls outside this window. It was agreed that this policy will continue and that at the beginning of each semester Systems will send out reminder to RUL Everyone regarding the Thursday maintenance schedule and should they opt to, throughout the semester, PC Coordinators would alert their units at busy times of the term. It was also decided that when announcements went out, they would outline what services would be disrupted rather than what devices would be worked on as most people do not know what devices they are running off.

4. Fordham Lab

Destruction in May; construction in June. The whole process is being videotaped for the donor.

5. Old/New Business

All trainers with workstations that can handle the Office2007 software have had it installed arrangements for those whose workstations cannot handle the software will be made. The Train the Trainers sessions on the migration to Office 2007 will take place in July. Marilyn Wilt has made arrangements with Marcie Anszperger, from the CAT, who will be doing the training. Folks are expected to show up to the training with a familiarity to the software and be ready to ask questions and take full advantage of Marcie's knowledge. The rest of RUL will be trained afterwards to coincide with the actual installs.

6. Future Meeting Dates

The next meeting is scheduled on June 19 at 10AM in the TSB Conference Room.

Reported by John Maxymuk

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